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Investigations on Enterprise Credibility:

Provide credibility investigation service for enterprises, including credibility investigations of domestic/overseas companies in over 150 countries.
If you come across the following credibility related problems in international or domestic trade, you are welcome to contact us at any time. We will conduct investigation and assessment on the creditability of the company that you have or will cooperate with, so as to prevent credibility risks at the maximum extent possible.

For example, when:

  • You're doing business with a new customer for the first time;
  • Customers change trading methods;
  • Payment for the latest three months have obvious problems;
  • Customers, shareholders and major leaders change unexpectedly;
  • You're doing important cooperative projects;
  • Orders increase or decrease abruptly;
  • Settling disputes with customers.
Key points in credibility investigations on domestic and overseas enterprises
  • Basic information of the company, general financial condition, and the ranking of the company;
  • Credibility rating, reports of credibility issues, major directors and supervisors and their stock holdings;
  • Risk rating, history and major affiliated companies, business performance;
  • Alterations in capital, means of production, overall analysis and future prospect;
  • Major operators.

We can make tailored credibility reports in accordance with your requirements.

  • Basic information: basic registration conditions, major operations and contact information of the company;
  • History: the course of development and changes;
  • Shareholders & equity: investor, investment and introduction to shareholders;
  • Principals and organization: resume of major principals, organization and subsidiaries;
  • Sales: channels, regions, sales conditions, operations and customers;
  • Procurement: channels, regions, payment conditions and suppliers;
  • Financial statements: balance sheet, income statement, financial analysis, credit capacity, operation capacity and profitability;
  • Public records: litigation records and payment records;
  • Comprehensive evaluation: overall review of the company, including evaluations on its operation, business and risks;
  • Credibility rating: the degree of credibility risks and suggestions on the credit amount.

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