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We do better in providing the same service.

  Provide specialized consulting service relating to procurement in China for foreign enterprises.
   Our experts, with rich experience and expertise in procurement, place heavy emphasis on scientific data analysis, understand international quality management systems, and are adept at project management. We have established industrial databases for auto parts,auto body die & Tooling, and IT & communication, through which industrial researches, manufacturer researches, sourcing services and procurement management can be provided in accordance with customers' needs.
   Our experts are capable of conducting field investigations of enterprises and provide overall planning and relevant consulting services for their development.

  We have in-depth understanding of the following enterprises:

TOP 30 of China 's auto body die & Tooling industry:
TOP 100 of China 's auto parts import/export industry:
We have made extensive investigations on the manufacturers of: radiator, compressor, ignition coil, starter, generator, multi- switch, ROTOR, axle shaft, brake pad, clutch and so on.



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