LD International Industrial City

Introductions of the Beijing National Environmental Protection Industry Zone

The Beijing National Environmental Protection Industry Zone(CEP) is one of four pilot industry parks that the former State Economic & Trade Commission reported to the State Council as the key construction project in the ¡°Green Action Program to Support Beijing's 2008 Olympic Game¡± in 2001 the 14th of Oct 2002,the former State Economic & Trade Commission officially approved the establishment of ¡° Beijing Intentional Environmental Protection Industry Zone ¡±£¨ CEP £© (Decree NO.150 [2002] of SETC). And at the same year, 23rd of Dec. Beijing Municipal Government ratified CEP as a municipal-leveled development area (Decree NO. 102 [2002])

Brief Beijing LD International Industrial City
LD International Industrial City of Beijing LD Golden Bridge Property Co.Ltd.(shortened as LD Union International Industrial City);Planned to be 957 mu in area,800,000square meters in construction area, the LD International Industrial City can contain more than 400 enterprises .It is one of the comprehensive industrial parks that are the largest in standard factory building £à  s size. Highest in planning class, most perfect in professional services currently in Beijing. LD International Industrial City is planned to be divided into four functional areas: the production area of automobile part/machine manufacturing, production area of electronic information, production area of medicine, food manufacturing, and business and life supporting area. as the creator of professional  and high-quality  manufacturing space, with global vision, humanized management ¡¢ international standards ¡¢ professional services, the  advantages of gathering industries, LD International Industrial City is trying hard to create China`s most competitive comprehensive competitive industrial  park 
with the largest development potential.

Scale of the Park
The Park is situated inside Beijing Tongzhou District National Environment Protection Industrial Park and contiguous to BDA (Beijing and Technological Development Area) and the biggest logistics industrial park. Which is the center of the transportation hub in the southeast of Beijing, enjoying advanced transportation network and superior geographical location ¡£ It covers an area of 957 mu, with a planned building area of 800,000 square meters. LD International Industrial City is in the Beijing National  Environment Protection Industrial City is within BDA £à s planning scope. industry base £à s gathering place, the prior location for world top 500  to build factories.

Transportation£º  The transportation hub of southeastern Beijing, with convenient transportation
Near Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu expressway and Beijing sixth ring road;
Closely connected with Beijing-Shenyang expressway,
Beijing-Chengde expressway; Beijing-Kaifeng expressway
It is 5-10 minutes drive away from the fifth ring road and fourth ring road;
Half an hour drive away from the Capital Airport and 1-hour drive away from Tinjing port.
20km away from Beijing railway station.main rail-way lines of the whole country all transit here, so it  can bring the advantage of the capital into full play.
Sea traffic:
140km  away from Tianjing port.
Air traffic:
30km away from Beijing capital international airport.

Ideal Infrastructure Facilities and High Quality and Efficient Services:
Beijing National Environmental Protection Industrial Park will invest 2.6 billion Yuan on the construction of infrastructure facilities in line with the ¡°Ten Available & One Flatness¡± criteria (¡°Ten Availables¡± means the opening of roads, the completed pavement of pipelines for running water, rain water and polluted liquids drainage, heating and natural gas, the connection of communication, cable TV, internet network and post. ¡°One Flatness¡± means the group should be flat). Our principal is ¡°treating customers` requirements with utmost priority, taking services as our basic obligations¡±. We provide the enterprises ¡°One stop¡± services from entry to operation and production, offering the best and fastest services to our customers with utmost sincerity and honesty.

Advantages about you company £º

  1. Cost Advantage: O ur workshops are located in Beijing and Technological Development Area, the cost of workshop is the lowest than others and we can take the favorable policy that the government permits; than you can lower production cost from above Issues.
  2. Corporation Development and Laborer Advantage: m ore excellent persons who you can look for in Beijing will work in you company, you can't find out if your company product in other city.
  3. Transportation Advantages: our Industry Area is near Beijing-Tianjing-Tanggu expressway and 140km away from Tianjing port. The sixth ring road also is very convenient for your company to transit product or other logistic service.
  4. Infrastructure Facilities: providing services such as catering, accommodation, conference and exhibition; regular bus service in the Industrial city.
  5. Other Advantage: we can supply the additional service if you need.

The updated information for LDInternational Industrial City:

  1. The Beijing National Environmental Protection Industry Zone (CEP) will be united with Beijing Economic- Technological Development Area (BDA)
  2. The second Beijing-Tianjing-Tanggu expressway will be finished at the end 2007. It is near this Industry Area.
  3. The high-speed subway will be build up. There is a station at the LD International Industrial City; it will spend 30 minutes from Beijing to Tianjing
  4. The customhouse will move to CEP, it is very convenient for import or export issues.

As professional, we are tried to create good environment with international standard and specialty service to customers. We were inaugurating and developing a structure for development area, and also to improve industry development.

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