Phone Storage Card
  Flavoring Industry
  Food Package Service
  Road Intelligent Traffic
  Medical Apparatuses
  Fruit Deep Processing
  Real Estate Industry
  Commuication Industry
  Two-layer Kettle
  Eduction & Publication
  Aluminum Nanoparticle
  Natural Gas
  Aquatic Products
  Commerce Industry
  Tourism of Beijing
  Water Based Varnish
  Coal Activated Carbon
  Post and Telecom Industry
  Transceiver Equipment
  Ultraviolet Based Varnish
  Egg Products Processing
  Beef & Cattle
  Organic Agriculture
  Mutton Sheep
  Water Product
  Bean Milk Powder
  Deer Breeding&Processing
  Yoghurt Starter Market
  Post and Expres Post
  Track Shoe
  China Air Humi
  Soymilk Machine
  Headset Battery
  IPTV Operation Strategy
  Intelligent Mobile Phone
  Skin Medication Industry
  Educational Funds
  Fluorine Industry
  Mobile Phone Paint Industry
  Detergent Products
  Luxury Dressing Products
  Crystal Market
  Massaging Product Industry
  Wool Blanket Industry
  Metal Sodium Market
  Salviae Miltiorrhizae Market
  VHF Wireless Telephone
  Airless Spraying Machine
  Barge Market
  Diesel Generators Market
  Mobile Phone Camera
  Color Matching & Blending
  Drinking Machine Industry
  Liquefied Natural Gas
  Silver Products Industry
  Cooperative Software
  Ice Machine Industry
  Grating Digital Display
  China's Mobilephone
  Chinese Cellphone Design

Market Research and Report on China Aquatic Products (Shrimp, Abalone and Tuna) Industry

Chapter one   Aquatic products industry development-9-
section I of the major aquatic products industry development-9-
1). China's aquatic products industry status-9-
1. Aquatic Products Market-9-
2. aquatic products industry production chain-10 C 
3. aquatic products production status-11-
2). China's aquatic products market pattern-12-
1. domestic circulation status of aquatic products - 12-
2. Retail trading was active, on wholesale transactions played a complementary role-13-
3. Regional aquatic products market to be developed-13-
4. central and western regions and inland rural market has great potential - 13-
5. products imported into the double-13-
6. the new marketing approach Geneva-13-
7. Small aquatic species, small products, small name have come to the fore-14 C
 3). China's aquatic products industry opportunities-14-
1. open up the international market-15-
2. cultivate small rural market town-15 C
3. fish processing efforts to expand market-15-
4. expanding recreational fishing market watch-16-
5. New Development Made in the market-16-
4). China's aquatic products industry risk-17-
1. policy risk-17-
2. market risk-17-
3. environmental wind risk-17-
5). China's aquatic products of international competitiveness - 17-
section of domestic industry development of aquatic products - 18-
1. aquatic products in the current market the underlying trend-18-
2. aquatic products development of the countermeasures-18-
Section III imported aquatic products industry development-19-
1. China 2008 export of aquatic products import slowed down-19-
2. 2008 aquatic product imports grew nearly 50% - 20-section IV of the major aquatic 

products market demand analysis-21-
1 China's aquatic products in international market demand analysis-21-
2. China's aquatic products demand on the domestic market analysis-23-
Chapter Two   2004-2008 Analysis of the aquarium trade - 25-
1), 2007Analysis of the aquarium trade-25-
1, the main features of the export trade-25-
2. export growth measures-26-
2), 2008 Analysis of the aquarium trade-26-
1. export-26-
2, the main form of import and export-27-
3, the average import and export prices - 28-
4. export varieties-29-
5, the export market-31-
3). 2008Analysis of the aquarium trade-31-
1, the basic situation - 32-
2. main features - 32-
3, problem-33-
4. 2008 Market Forecast lobster-34-
Section one    Different regions of China, the development of aquatic products 
industry profiles-34-
1. Different areas of aquaculture development-34-
1, Mariculture industry-35-2, freshwater aquaculture - 36-
2. Listed aquaculture company Comments-36-1, Zhang Zi Island-36-
2, the masters of good-37-
3. East Ocean-37-
4, Dongting water colonial-37-
5, fisheries - 38-
Chapter Two   Frozen shrimp market (Shrimp) - 
39-section I of the analysis of the gross domestic product-39-
1. Chinese shrimp aquaculture industry development Recalling-39-
2. My shrimp aquaculture industry, rapid development experience - 40-
Section one Government policies Interpretation-42-
Section two  Consumption analysis section III - 43-
1, the domestic consumer market analysis-43-
2, the international consumer market analysis-44-
1, Japan : - 44-
2, United States :-44-
3. EU-46-
Section three    Market price changes-47-
Section four    Analysis of the trade-48-
Section five of the main products Analysis of sales channels to-50-
1), the international consumer market as shrimp farming enterprises ultimate goal-50-
1. Asian economic downturn against shrimp industry-51-
2, the Japanese economy has given rise to an increase in the volume of imports-51-
3. Despite the dramatic shrimp imports, but the growth in demand in the United States-51-
4. contribute to a stronger euro increased the volume of imports-52-
5, Spain's imports of fresh new MO leapt to the top shrimp-52-
6. French shrimp imports exceeded 100,000 tons mark-53-
7, the British shrimp imports trend is rising-53-
8. Italy, the increase in imports during 1992-54-
9, Germany shrimp consumption is small but the increase in the first EU-54-
2). Marketing pressure from two aspects-55-
Section six   Products in the different regions of the market price-55-
Section seven   Products market competition analysis-58-
1. 2006-2008 national shrimp production analysis and forecast-58-
2. 2006-2008 countries shrimp consumption analysis and forecast-60-
Section eight   In 2004 -2006 China's import and export of related products Analysis-61-
1. 2004 Shrimp Products Import and Export Trade Analysis-61-
2. 2005 Shrimp Products Import and Export Trade Analysis-62-
3. 2006 Shrimp Products Import and Export Trade Analysis-63-
1, the export trade of basic-63-
2. Shrimp aquaculture output continued to grow-64-
3, Shrimp aquaculture sales prices have been going up-64-
4. Shrimp processing products export volume will continue to grow-64-
5. The United States once again became the main shrimp products market-64-
6. China's renminbi appreciation of shrimp export industries to a certain extent affected - 64-
7. Chinese shrimp industry in the future development-65-
Chapter Three    Abalone market (abalone) - 66-
Section one    Domestic Analysis of output - 66-
1, Abalone species introduced - 66-
2, Abalone market analysis-67-
3. Domestic abalone breeding status-68-
Section two   Domestic abalone breeding pattern Interpretation-75-
Section three   Consumption analysis of Section III-7 7 C 
1, The Asian demand for abalone nearly extinct South Africa-77-
2. Global market demand for abalone strong-78-
Section four   Domestic Trade Analysis-78-
1. Shantou, Guangdong rank first squid exports more than 90% of exports to the United States-78-
2. Shandong-exports continued to maintain the momentum Longkou squid silk teas sell 
well Chapter Four   Overseas market - 79-
Section one    Analysis of the gross domestic product-79-
1). China tuna fisheries development Overview and Prospects-79-
1, tuna concepts :-79-
2. China tuna production status-80-
3, tuna production has become China's fisheries new growth point-81-
2). China tuna fisheries development trends and direction - 81-
1, improving fishing management, increase the market competitiveness of products - 81-
2, the industry associations to play a coordinating role, increase corporate 
competitiveness - 81-
3, Draw on the successful experience, speed up the development of the domestic market-81-
4. The development of deep processing, increasing the added value of products - 82-
Section two   Government policies Interpretation-82-
1. Survival of the global tuna fishery status-82-
2, tuna fisheries management status quo - 83-
3. Tuna main types of resources-83-
1. Head large tuna-83-
2. Yellowfin tuna-84-
3. Bonito fish-84-
4. Albacore tuna-84-
5. Swordfishes-85-
6. Other types - 85-
4, management status-85-
5, the management trend-88-
6. My tuna management strategies - 89-
Section two   Consumption analysis of Section III-90-
1. The domestic consumer market analysis-90-
2, The international consumer market analysis-91-
1, The Asian tuna market reports : Sashimi market demand has changed - 91-
2, The United States tuna market : industrial development at a standstill - 93-
Section three   Market price changes of analysis-94-
Section four    Analysis of the trade-9 6-
1, the World Trade Status tuna production-96-
2, the global tuna trade Profiles-97-
3. canned tuna industry-98-
4. Looking canned tuna industry-99-
VI tuna production in China the status quo - 99-
1. My tuna fishing ship of science and technology in industry to achieve results-99-
2. Tianjin will build the country's largest tuna processing base-100-
3. Sino-Japanese joint venture set up the first large-scale tuna Northeast 
ultra-low-temperature processing enterprises-100 C
 Guangdong innovation domestic tuna market development New Model-100-
sect products in the different regions of the market price-101-
1. Tuna resources are scarce and world prices are soaring-101-
2. American tuna imports City downward trend-101-
3. Japanese tuna market demand slump-102-
VIII product market competition analysis-103-
1. Global tuna aquaculture hit fever-103-
2, our tuna industry more competitive analysis-103-
3. World tuna management trend-104-IX tuna consumption analysis-105-
X tuna China's development Analysis of the prospects for the fish-106-
1, the world's tuna resources development and utilization of state-107-
1. Pacific tuna resources development and utilization of state-107-
2. Indian Ocean tuna resources development and utilization of state-107-
3. Atlantic tuna resources development and utilization of state-107-
2, the world's tuna management trend-107-3. tuna in our analysis of the 
prospects for the development-108-
4. Development of countermeasures tuna and thinking-109-
V market squid (squid) - 110-
Section I Analysis of the gross domestic product-110-
1, Beihai small squid access to the EU market for the first time-110-
2. Shantou squid exports Habitat first province-110-
3. offshore fishing boat adjustment effective production squid-111-
Interpretation of Section II of the government policy-111-
dried squid Health Zhejiang - processing norms signs QS examination lower threshold-111-
regulate squid production and processing development Mao eight first enterprise-112 C 
Section III analysis of foreign-112-
1. in 2005 the world market squid comprehensive analysis and market forecasting 06-112-
2. Japanese market squid imports increased-114-
3. European markets increased the volume of imports squid-114-
section IV of the market price changes of analysis-115-
1. the domestic market price trend analysis-115-
1. Shandong-exports continued to maintain the momentum Longkou squid silk teas sell well 
2. Zhejiang - Zhoushan North Pacific squid market prices are low squid-115-
2. international market price trend analysis-115-
1, the international squid prices will continue rising-115-
2. Italy squid supply drop-116-
3, Japan Tsukiji market arrival of fresh squid three times the volume-116-
4. Korean squid market prices surging - 117-
V Chinese importers brief-117-
1. Dalian into foreign trade import and export Limited-117-
2. Yanbian world import and export trade reached Limited-117-
3, Tangshan America's aquatic food Limited-117-
4. Qingdao Bonded Zone Katyusha International Trading Limited-118-
5. City 10000 Lee Import and Export Trading Co. Ltd.-118-
6. Dandong David foreign trade import and export Limited-118-
7. Shenzhen Import and Export Trading Limited excellence-119-
8, Qingdao Import and Export Trading Co. Ltd.-119-
9. Shantou City Zhi Yuan Aquatic Industries Limited-120-
Chapter 6 China Aquatic Products Industry Trend Analysis and Development Strategy - 121-
section I of the development of China's aquatic products industry trend-121-
1. 2007 aquaculture industry development trend forecast-121-1, seed-121-
2, aquaculture - 121-
3. Feed-122-
4, processing-122-
5, summed up-122-
2. World aquaculture and aquatic feed trend-123-
1, aquaculture development-123-
2. Asian aquaculture feed-124-
3, the European aquatic feed-124-
4. American aquatic feed-124-
Section II of the Chinese aquatic products industry development strategy analysis-125-
1. China's aquatic products industry characteristics-125-
2, the Chinese aquatic products marketing strategy-127-
1. Innovative marketing strategy-127-
2. Price marketing strategy-127-
3. Quality Marketing Strategy-127-
4. Marketing Strategy-127-
5. Channel marketing strategy-128-
6. Differential Marketing Strategy-128-
3, the Chinese aquatic products market trade strategy-128-
4. China's aquatic products industry business strategy-130-
1, optimize resources and fisheries resources to achieve harmony-130-
2. Strengthen Quality fisheries and the environment to achieve harmony-130-
3. Innovation fisheries operating in harmony with the market-130-
5. China's aquatic products industry advertising brand strategy-132-
1, advertising and the importance of brand strategy-133-
2. Aquatic products advertising and brand development status-133-
3. Aquatic products advertising and brand development of countermeasures-134-
Section III aquatic products industry leading enterprise analysis-135-
1. Tong Wei shares -- Chinese aquatic leading enterprises-135-
1, the company's development Overview - 135-
2. Industry Outlook -- aquaculture feed industry Pearl-136-
3. The core competitiveness of the company -- a leading technology created aquaculture
 feed industry leading-137-
2. Zhang Zi Island -- unprecedented edge innovation will have no-139-
1, the company's development status-139-
2. Zhang Zi Island -- no one will follow the natural advantages - 140-
3. Zhang Zi Island -- unprecedented sales model-144-
3. Shandong good masters -- a blue star blue chip foundry industry-145-
1, the company's development Overview - 145-
2. Industry -- A blue industries, the new century sunrise industry-145-
3. Quality articles -- trumps molded industrial leaders - 148-
4. Prospect chapter -- the revitalization of the marine economy into the modern business-149-
5. Chapter 2 market -- blue chip star by virtue of a good wind-150-
Chapter VII of the conclusion of the study-152-
Industry study : - 152-
The conclusion of the study:-152-
Study report charts bibliography-8 -
Catalogue of  Charts 
Chart 1 : In 2006 the first three quarters of aquatic products output - 9 C 
Chart 2 : 2002-2005, the country of changes in aquatic products output units : tons-10 C 
Chart 3 : "11th Five-Year Plan" period fisheries development of key indicators - 14 C 
Chart 4 : in 2005 the amount of the export of aquatic products, increase-20-
Chart 5 : exports in 2005 and 67.3-20-
Chart 6 : January-November 2005 residents of the food consumer price index
 (same period last year = 100) - 23-Figure 
Chart 7 : January to November 2006 the consumer products and aquatic products price index 
(same period last year = 100) - 24-chart 
Chart 8 : 2006 urban and rural consumer price changes in aquatic products 
(the same period last year = 100) - 24-
Chart 9 : 2001-2005 aquatic products in November consumer prices 
(the same period last year = 100) - 25-map 
Chart 10 :1999-2005 China's import and export of aquatic products - 27-
Chart 11  : 1999-2005, China's import and export of aquatic products - 27-
Chart 12  : 2003-205, the amount of aquatic products trade comparison-28-
Chart 13  : 2003-2005 different trade of aquatic products for export amount proportion - 28-
Chart 14  : Comprehensive 2001-2005 average import and export prices - 29-
Chart 15  : 2005 exports of aquatic products type comparison-29-
Chart 16  : types of aquatic products in mid-2005 67.3-30-
Chart 17  : 2005 exports of aquatic products 67.3-30-
Chart 18  : 2005 exports of aquatic products exports more-30-
Chart 19  : 2005 aquatic product exports to 67.3-31-
Chart 20  : 2005 major export markets - 31-
Chart 21  : aquaculture production and freshwater aquaculture production increase-35-
Chart 22  : in 2006 the area of aquatic products output table unit : tons-38-
Chart 23  : Shrimp aquaculture development stage of the four-39-
Chart 24  : 2005 world shrimp production Map-40-
Chart 25  : 2004 shrimp aquaculture production by the distribution of the species-41-
Chart 26  : Shrimp aquaculture production and breeding area of comparison-41-
Chart 27  : 2005-2006 Chinese shrimp exports trends - 45-
Chart 28  : December 2006 National shrimp trend of market prices - 47-
Chart 29  : in January 2007 the National shrimp trend of market prices - 47-
Chart 30  : in February 2007 the National shrimp trend of market prices - 48-
Chart 31  : South American continents perch EXOPALAEMON price increases contrast-49-
Chart 32  : National aquatic products market seafood and freshwater products 
integrated average price-55-
Chart 33  : The following prices for ocean fish market, the wholesale price of tuna-91-
Chart 34  : National fisheries output of the five major components-123-
Chart 35  : International comparison of aquatic products companies - 125-
Chart 36  : Some famous domestic aquatic products for nearly three years and increase yield-126-
Chart 37  : industries and key corporate earnings forecasts and investment ratings-139 -

Chapter One Current Development of china Aquatic Products industry

Section one Current development

1, Current aquatic


In the past 20 years, the world's total output of aquatic products has continued to maintain slow growth from the last century to the early 1980s, around 90 million tons in 2005 to growth of 130 million tons; Meanwhile, China's output of aquatic products have maintained a momentum of rapid growth in 2001 as an example. China 's output of aquatic products in 2005 reached about 49 million tonnes, accounting for the world's output of aquatic products 35%, No. 1 in the world, particularly in aquaculture production has been accounted for the world aquaculture production more than 70%. is the world's only a fishing aquaculture production output over the country; 2005. aquatic products per capita in the world occupy about 20 kg ; China 's 2005 per capita output of aquatic products reached 33.8 kg , exceeding the world's average share. But per capita consumption is still very low, less than 13 kilograms.

In 2006, national aquatic products output, 32.6097 million tons, compared with the corresponding period of last year 3.17%. Which yield fresh water product 14.7812 million tons, an increase of 5.69%. Ocean fishing product yield 9.4034 million tons, a drop of 0.98%. mariculture production of 8.425 million tons, an increase of 5.82%. Including Shandong , Guangdong , Fujian is China before the three main producing provinces and the output of the country's total output accounted for 14.96%. 13.14% and 12.28% (Table 1).

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