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Analysis Report on China Bluetooth Headset Battery Market 2009


Abstract 	5
Forward 	6
0.1 Whys 	6
0.2 Data source	6
0.3 Readers 	6
Chapter one   Summary 7
1.1 Development 	7
1.1.1 Naissance and applications of Bluetooth headset  7
1.1.2 Rising and development 7
1.2 Global production 9
1.2.1 Global manufactures and brands9
1.2.2 The manufacturing bases of key global manufacturers in China 	10
Chapter two   Analysis on requirement features of Bluetooth headset manufacturers on battery
2.1 Categories 	12
2.1.1 Application types 	12
2.1.2 Quantity 	14
2.1.3 Shape of using electric core 	14
2.2 Forecast on battery categories 14
2.3 Purchase mode 	15
Chapter three   Analysis on supply and demand of China Bluetooth headset battery market
3.1 Analysis on supply and demand 	16
3.1.1 Size of production and selling 	16
3.1.2 Productivity level 	19
3.1.3 Distribution 	21
3.1.4 Production cost 	22
3.1.5 Market features 	23
3.1.6 Key suppliers 	25
3.2 Demand analysis 	29
3.2.1 Demand size 	29
3.2.2 Price analysis 	30
3.2.3 Demand structure 31
3.2.4 Export 	31
3.3 PACK 	32
Chapter four   Developing environment and trend of China Bluetooth headset battery 	33
4.1 Analysis on developing prospect 	33
4.2 Analysis and forecast on market demand 	34
4.3 Market structure and change 	36
4.4 Developing trend 	37
Chapter five   Conclusion 	38
Appendix 1   Contacts of key polymer battery suppliers of China 
Appendix 2   Addresses and contacts of key manufacturers 
Appendix 3   Introduction on key enterprises 
Appendix 4   Names of Key traders 
Appendix 5   Introduction of key PACK enterprises 
Catalogue of tables and chart
Table1-1 Output and brands of global key manufacturers in 2008	9
Table1-2 Manufacturing bases in China	10
Table2-1 Comparison of battery technology features 	12
Table3-1 Production of polymer battery in the first half of 2009 	16
Table3-2 Productivity of key polymer battery manufacturers 	19
Table3-3 Regional distribution of polymer battery manufacturers 	21
Table3-4 Using volume of polymer ion battery between 2007 and 2009 of key bluetooth
 headset manufacturers 	29
Table3-5 Shares of  global polymer 	lithium battery and Bluetooth headset battery 30
Table3-6 Price rankings 	31
Table4-1 Output of global bluetooth chips 10thousand	33
Table4-2 Volume of production and selling of global bluetooth headset	35
Table4-3 Output, growth rate and market share of global polymer lithium battery 37
Chart1-1 Market shares of global key bluetooth headset manufacturers in 2009 	10
Chart3-1 Regional distribution of key polymer battery manufacturers 	22
Chart3-2 Growth of using volume between 2007 and 2009 	30
Chart4-1 Global output (10thousand) 	33
Chart4-2 Number of global production and selling


Bluetooth technology after years of development, has become mature in 2004 Bluetooth chip production volume reached 115 million, increased than 92.3% in 2003. Bluetooth headset and using the chip will account for its shipment of about 40% of the share. Bluetooth headset as a Bluetooth headset batteries were one of the important parts of its huge market potential has attracted widespread attention. Consulting companies the right Bluetooth headset China polymer battery market full investigation and abundant second-hand information available basis, completion of the "2004-2005 Chinese Bluetooth headset feature battery market analysis report" with a view to the industry and related professionals to provide valuable reference.

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the global and Chinese Bluetooth headset with the development of polymer battery profile detailed analysis of the Chinese Bluetooth headset Polymer battery sales, Bluetooth Headset to China and polymer battery status and development trend of in-depth analysis and forecasts On this basis, the report right Bluetooth headset with polymer batteries investment opportunities and investment risks summarized studies.


The report covers consulting companies in Beijing to the first half of 2005, China 's battery market Bluetooth headset integrated research Guitar fruit, objective showing Chinese Bluetooth headset battery market as a whole. To facilitate the users of the report to facilitate the understanding of detailed study on the purpose of the study, data sources, Addressing the foreword to the report writing background as described in simple, concise, easy to facilitate reference and communication.

0.1, Whys

Consulting in perfecting the system, rely on the enterprise database resources, in mainland China within the context of the major Bluetooth headset battery supporting enterprises to conduct a comprehensive market research, and the annual report form to an objective, comprehensive domestic market reflects the overall situation, of the relevant market actors to provide basis for decision-making. We hope that the report of help to you, but we know that as long as help to you, We enterprises and social values can truly be recognized and reflected.

0.2, Data sources

Consulting and research report is based on the company's powerful database and the advantages of the primary research data, the report of enterprise data from the primary sector research and corporate data accumulation.

0.3, Readers

The readers for Bluetooth headset battery suppliers, procurement, research advisory body China and other interested Bluetooth headset battery market professionals.

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