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Research Report on China Food Package Service Industry 2010

 English version
Hardcopy(USD) 2700
Electronic(USD) 3100
Both(USD) 3300
 Chinese version  


Chapter One   Current China Package Service Industry - 7 -         
Section one   Current situation - 7 -
1、Current situation 	- 7 -
2、The patent invention is behind the demand - 7 -
3、Few high-end enterprise 	- 8 -
Section two   Current printing industry and developing trend in package industry chain - 9 
1、Current package printing 	- 9 -
2、	Scale development of package printing enterprises - 10 -
Section three   Current package printing in several key industries 	- 10 -
1、Food - 10 -
2、Medicine - 11 -
3、Micro corrugating - 11 -
4, Corrugating package 	- 11 -
5, Colourful Package 	- 12 -
Section four   Developing opportunities 	- 12 -
1、	There will be three transfers in paper package - 12 -
2、Many exporting opportunities in food package machinery 	- 13 -
3、Quickened development of Olympics related package industry 	- 13 -
Section five   Four factors affecting development of China  package industry 	- 13 -
1、Gap is further expanded between East and West 	- 13 -
2、Shortage in good-quality products production - 14 -
3、Weak in innovation 	- 14 -
4, Irreasonable talen structure 	- 15 -
Section six   Developing direction 	- 15 -
1、Demand 	- 15 -
2、Business developing direction 	- 16 -
Chapter Two   Developing Trend in global candy production and package developing trend - 18
Section one   New development - 18 -
Section two   Structure distribution and structure of consumption market - 18 -
Section three   Developing trend of candy production 	- 19 -
Section four   Current development and developing trend 	- 20 -
1、Current development in China  	- 20 -
2、Development trend 	- 21 -
Section five   Candy short package has become the developing trend	- 22 -
Section six   Current situation and developing trend 	- 22 -
1、Analysis on sales channel - 22 -
2、Proportion of each kind of product 	- 23 -
3、China home-made candy: in package and flavours 	- 26 -
4, Developing trend and stategy 	- 27 -
Section seven   Health candy has become the main trend in China candy industry - 27 -
Section eight   Current market and developing trend	- 29 -
Main function in candy products 	- 29 -
2、Current situation and exsited gap	- 29 -
3、Developing trend - 30 -
Chapter Three   Analysis on China Candy Package Market in 2008	- 31 -
Section one   Expansion of traditional candy 	- 31 -
Section three  Futher subdivision of functional candy 	- 32 -
Sugar gum-multiproducts - 32 -
Section four   Market structure 	- 34 -
1、Development of candy market from chaos 	- 34 -
2、Change in consumption 	- 36 -
3、Developing direction 	- 38 -
Chapter Four   Current Regional Development 	- 42 -
Section one   Competition in Jiangxi 	- 42 -
1、Outstanding performance of WUWU 360	- 42 -
2、Da Baitu¨s performance 	- 42 -
3、Golden Monkey is mainstream of KA - 42 -
4, Decrease in market 	- 43 -
5, Short package is being popular for wedding sugar 	- 43 -
Section two  Market competition in Shanghai 	- 43 -
1、Youha-High end market 	- 44 -
2、Haixiu - 44 -
3、3, Performance of other foreign brands 	- 45 -
4, Yake adjusts channel strategy  	- 45 -
5, New image of WUWU	- 45 -
6, Other brands 	- 46 -
Section three Hebei Market competition 	- 46 -
1、Occupance of Tangshan market of Alps 	- 46 -
2, Hsufuchi occupying key markets after Alps 	- 47 -
Section four   Shanxi market competition 	- 47 -
1、Jinnan Gloden Monkey became the No. 1 	- 47 -
2、Jinbei: Specialized selling in wedding sugar consumption - 48 -
3、Different difficulties of enterprise in Jinnan and Jinbei - 48 -
Chapter Five   Analysis on China Candy Package Service Industry 	- 50 -
Section one   Requirements in package	- 50 -
Package is very important in competition 	- 52 -
1、Mainstream consumers and market orientation 	- 52 -
2、Cultural meaning and package 	- 53 -
3、Design factors and package - 53 -
4, Vivid factors and package 	- 53 -
5, Suitable package and green package - 54 -
Section three   Famours brands are in the good time 	- 54 -
Section four   Food package industry of developed countries	- 55 -
1、Choose environmental protection material 	- 55 -
2、Development of eatable package 	- 56 -
3、Separated recycle of renewable resources 	- 56 -
Supplementary 1: Introduction of some candy manufacturing and package enterprises 	- 63 -
1、Zhenghou Weihua Package Company 	- 63 -
2、Shanghai Aike Biologicals Company 	- 63 -
3、Shanghai Puyin Package Material Company - 64 -
4、Guangdong Huizhou Xuhui Color Printing Company - 64 -
5、Beijing Huayang Union Plastic Product Company - 64 -
6、Chao¨an Zhengxin Printing Company - 65 -
7、Guangzhou Paper Package Printing Company 	- 65 -
8、Shantou Jialilong Package Printing Company - 65 -
9、	Fujian Kaida Printing Company - 66 -
10、Shenzhen Meiye Package Design Printing Company 	- 66 -
11、Shenzhen Ferostar Corporation  - 66 -
12、Tianjin Dagang Fuli Candy Package Company 	- 66 -
13、Jinhua Bluesky Pringting Package Company 	- 66 -
14、Zhejiang Fangzhou Printing Company 	- 67 -
15、Shanghai Lurun Company 	- 67 -
16、Cixi Changhe Jiajia Plastic Beestools Company 	- 67 -
17、Chao¨an Anbu Kaihao Junfa Printing Company 	- 68 -
18、Shandong Yishui Ouyamei Food Factory 	- 68 -
19、Guangdong Yulina Food Package Company 	- 69 -
20、Chao¨an Anbu Jiongfeng Paper-Plastic Company 	 69 -
21、Dongguan Dongcheng Hongzhe Plastic Company - 69 -
22、Shaoxing Xiaoxiao Package Printing Company 	- 69 -
23、Wuhan Candy Package Company 	- 70 -
24、Zhangzhou Leyaya Food Company 	- 70 -
Supplementary 2: Enterprieses which passed the CQC attestation  	- 73 C

Catalogue of Tables 

Table 1 Overall situation of patent in China   - 7 -
Table 2 Top ten profiting enterprises list---one 	- 9 -
Table 3 Top ten profiting enterprises list---two 	- 9 -
Table 4 Top ten profiting enterprises list---three - 10 -
Table 5 Production value distribution of West provinces 	- 14 -
Table 6 Market shares of each selling channel 	- 23 -
Table 7 Market share of each kind of candy - 23 -
Table 8 Market share of each kind of functional candy	- 24 -
Table 9 Market share of each kind of gum candy	- 24 -
Table 10 Selling market shares 	- 26 -
Table 11 Market share of candy selling market in the first half yearof 2009 	- 31 -
Table 12 Market share of functional candy selling market in the first half yearof 2009-32-
Table 13 Market share of gum candy selling market in the first half yearof 2008	- 33 -
Table 14 Market share of chocolate selling market in the first half year of 2008 Unit:% -33-
Table 15 Distribution of China candy industry - 34 -
Table 16 Current situation of China candy market - 35 -
Table 17 Subdivided candies and leading brands 	- 36 -
Table 18 Successful and marketing f actors 	- 39 -
Table 19 Developing graph - 39 -
Table 20 Effect of humidity on candy quality 	- 50 -
Table 21 Balance relative humidity of each candy 	- 50 -
Table 22 Water transferring trend of each kind of candy - 51 -
Table 23 List of top 75 package enterprises who passed CQC in 2009 - 56 -
Table 24 List of 81 excellent package enterprises who passed CQC in 2005- 57 -
Table 25 41 famous package entrepreneurs chosen by CQC in 2009- 58 -
Table 26 31 excellent package entrepreneurs chosen by CQC 	- 59 -
Table 27 China package brands---one - 60 -
Table 28 China package brands---two - 61 -


Food packaging is defined as services from food production enterprises entrusted the contractor for food packaging for the design and production of packaging containers or dressing - The series of activities. Packaging services supporting the national economy as the service sector, along with the building of socialism in China continued to develop and grow, especially since the reform and opening up, the socialist market economic system, China's packaging industry services to the rapid development from scratch, is a form of paper, plastic, metal, glass, printing, machinery for the major components, with good modern technology and equipment, with a more complete modern industrial system, Although China in the food service packaging industry is not yet certain market and size But in recent years the pace of development and the proportion is increasing. Food service packaging industry is characterized by the packaging industry itself does not produce its own food, only food manufacturers to provide follow-up packaging design, printing and packaging products and packaging a range of services, The services include the packaging from product design to product logistics.

Chinese food packaging industry has spent 20 years and the end of the developed nearly 40 years since the distance fundamentally change the "first class products, second-rate packaging, the price three flow situation." Packaging services from scattered backward industries has developed into certain modern technical equipment, Categories relatively complete industrial system integrity. Contemporary packaging development of the service industry is characterized by significant packaging services to the international market, the development of packaging services globalization, States packaging development of the service industry are interrelated and interdependent is also growing. As the domestic food packaging has never specialized services industry have formed climate only a small number of enterprises are able to act as packaging services contractor, Most of the major food-producing enterprises of their own processing, packaging themselves. As a food packaging services agency contractors, the general is not only engaged in the food packaging agents, but only as a food packaging company in a field or a product.

The advisory report on the Chinese packaging services industry supply and demand situation, Industry chains of the downstream sub-sector of development, competition, changes in consumption, new products and technology for the analysis, and focus on an analysis of China's packaging industry development services and features, industry representatives and hot enterprises, that the Chinese packaging services industry will be faced with the impact of corporate countermeasures. The report synthesizes the paper packaging, plastic packaging, metal packaging, glass packaging, packaging and printing, packaging machinery, and other important elements of the plate, packaging services as well as its development trend analysis.

Relying on the Bureau of Statistics of China, the China Packaging Federation, and other government departments to provide data H & Q century in light of Beijing's Advisory actual market research and data, from H & Q century written jointly senior experts completed. The report on the industry manufacturers wishing to service the packaging industry to find business opportunities and food processing enterprises, investment companies and relevant government agencies to formulate development strategies of important reference value.

Chapter One Analysis on Current China Package Service Industry

Section one Current situation -

1, Current situation

From China's reform and opening up, the market economy gradually deepened, fierce competition and external trade; food packaging and services as food industry products supporting the necessary product sales and expand the market share of the important means showed prominent role; be of great concern to the community and to develop and strengthen. Spread disorder in the weak basis, after the whole country and the packaging industry to work together quickly formed fairly complete categories of the emerging system of the packaging industry. Basically meet the needs of national economic development. Chinese food packaging services industry in a market economy was born is basically a free enterprise portfolio together. This is because the food-producing enterprises in order to reduce investment in fixed assets and lower cost control, a conscious part of the packaging business outsourced to professional packaging enterprises; Owing to the market demand, some original engaged in the food production or packaging of collective enterprises or after being switched after the restructuring, in order to expand the channels of business, professional start in food packaging. Meanwhile part of the private sector also sees the industry in terms of packaging and food processing deep to find a way out.

According to the analysis by us , in 1980 the total output value of China's packaging industry alone 7.2 billion, and in 2003 to reach 270 billion RMB, than a year rose 12%, to the beginning of reform and opening up 36 times. National packaging enterprises in the early days of reform and opening only 2,604, has grown to 25,000; packaging industry practitioners throughout the country have more than three million people. By 2005, China's packaging industry showed a breakthrough, the overall scale to a new height nationwide; the above-scale packaging enterprises in industrial output value hit 400 billion RMB. The pace of development to achieve faster growth, the industrial output value of the ring grew 22.35%, the largest increase in nearly a decade. Potentially very strong ability to innovate new products output growth rate than the Central reached 27.36%. Over the first industrial output growth rate, the ability to create efficiency further strengthened, industrial value added, sales of industrial output value, profits, and other indicators of the growth rate exceeded the growth rate of industrial output value. 2006 National Packaging industrial output nearly 600 billion RMB, an increase of more than 30%. Since 2006, the packaging industry is to actively promote structural adjustment and transformation of the mode of economic growth, further impetus to the entire industry to maintain a good development momentum. Currently, China's packaging industry has developed a paper, plastic, metal, glass, printing and packaging machinery mainly to the independence, integrity, with a complete range of industrial system

From 2005 to 2006 the results achieved, China's packaging industry is a scientific development concept to guide the development of the whole industry, product innovation is accelerating. Construction of environment-friendly society deep-green packaging products packaging products become the protagonist. The transformation of the mode of economic growth has been in full swing, economic growth projected. State-owned enterprise reform packaging results and corporate profits continue to grow. It can be said that in 2006 China's packaging industry from the packaging a large packing power into the year, also for the packaging industry ahead of the 2010 target lay the foundation for the year.

China's economy in a long period of rapid, steady and healthy and sustained development of the macro-environment, China's packaging industry remains at an average annual rate of over 18% has steadily increased. In absolute values and international compared with the industry, the global packaging market share of around 600 billion dollars. China has entered the ranks of big power packaging, ranked only after the United States and Japan third in the world.

2, The patent invention is behind the demand

According to the analysis by us , so far, the food packaging industry by the content of the invention patent can be broadly divided into : food packaging equipment, packaging materials, packaging, Auxiliary packaging materials and packaging containers inventions five categories. These five types of patents, the percentage food packaging materials and packaging of the invention patents in the food packaging take advantage of the patent. The invention in packing equipment is the least, the invention of the packaging equipment investment, time-consuming and income instability, Therefore, in this direction of research.

Table 1 Overall situation of package patent

According to the China State Intellectual Property Office was informed that from 1985 to date the food packaging patents were 10,317, of which 57 patents for inventions, utility model patents, 176, Patent 10,084 appearance. 1995 to 2002, applications for the food packaging patents is over 40. In 2000, the invention patent applications up to 10, followed by 1998, again in 1995. The average annual is five patents for inventions. Overall, the food packaging applications invention patents were crossing distribution, packaging equipment and with the constant improvement; there is a trend of increase.

Invention patents, utility model patents, patent appearance are three types of patents, appearance patents in the number much larger than the invention patent and utility model patents; and smooth development in recent years. Invention patent and the patent applications in 1999 achieved an annual peak three kinds of patents in the 2000-2006 are on the decline. Overall, patents for inventions is within 10 fluctuations; Utility model patents in recent years have gradually upward trend; after the appearance of the patent after rising slowly, a marked downward trend.

The service sector of the packaging patent example, the packaging of the invention patents, utility model patents and patent appearance of the three patents, food packaging patents for packaging patents are a relatively small proportion; Food and patent right, food packaging patent for the invention patent and utility model patents, the proportion of smaller, but the appearance of the patent for the proportion is as high as 87%. This shows that the food for the appearance of patent patent that most food packaging patent forms.

As China's food industry products further structural adjustment and upgrading of the product updates, right packaging service industries also raised new demands. First, food quality and safety assurance that the service sector of the packaging technology and materials packaging requirements more stringent; 2 is filling, packaged form and speed specifications become more diversified, and seek to packaging materials and containers achieve standardization, serialization, Universal; Third, the packaging services and decorating and packaging requirements are higher image; 4 packaging security there should be a new breakthrough. Fifth, make efforts to reduce packaging costs.

Modern food service packaging industry is modern food production, circulation and consumption of the product, must adapt to the modern food industry conditions and market development, automation, mechanization, environmental protection, food service packaging industry irreversible trend of development.

3, Few high-end enterprises

In the food service packaging industry, as the origin of different enterprises (state-owned, collective, private), funds, equipment, and Technical strength is no match, and the starting point is different level. The overall trend is the less high starting point; the majority of packaging services enterprises is low in equipment alone.

As food packaging service industries are still emerging industries, and the number of workers in the industry and more than the total number of enterprises, research institutes, industry, the corresponding professional institutions share is still relatively small. As in other food packaging industry enterprises, most of the private enterprises, the original collective enterprises, given their own research and development ability, and on food packaging technology and reforming the new awareness is not strong, Even if the research unit of food packaging with new technological inventions, the enterprises can be promoted. Marketing research results out of touch not only resulted in tremendous waste and are not conducive to technological progress. Some of the leading-edge work, such as ultra-low temperature, ultra high pressure, membrane separation, supercritical extraction, radiation, Vacuum technology and equipment alone a particular institution is unable to complete the urgent need for businesses to invest in funds. Used to promote the production, study and research combining the model may not manifest themselves and the limited research efforts have not been fully play its role many of the enterprises are copying from each other imitation, little improvement has become their own products. Of this product in addition to the price advantage, in the international market, there is no competitive edge.

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