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Market Investigation Report on China Luxury Dressing Products from Europe and America 2009

Chapter one   Global luxury products market 3
Section one   Characteristics 3
Section two   Global market 4
Chapter two   Market background of China luxury dressing market 6
Chapter three   Current market in China	8
Section one   Market environment 	8
Section two   Economic environment 12
Section three   Characteristics of consumers 18
Section four   Market features and trend 	19
Section five   Strategic mode of entering into China market 	20
Chapter four   Existing problems	21
Chapter five   European and American brands in market 	22
Section one	LOUIS VUITTON 22
1, Background of entering into China market 
2, Market competitivity 
3, Sales 
4, Developing strategy 
Section two   CHANEL 	29
1, Background of entering into China market 
2, Market competitivity 
3, Sales 
4, Developing strategy 
Section three   VERSACE 	33
1, Background of entering into China market 
2, Market competitivity 
3, Sales 
4, Developing strategy 
Section four   DIOR 	37
1, Background of entering into China market 
2, Market competitivity 
3, Sales 
4, Developing strategy 
Section five   GUCCI 	44
1, Background of entering into China market 
2, Market competitivity 
3, Sales 
4, Developing strategy 
Section six   VALENTINO 	48
1, Background of entering into China market 
2, Market competitivity 
3, Sales 
4, Developing strategy 
Section seven   PRADA 	53 
1, Background of entering into China market 
2, Market competitivity 
3, Sales 
4, Developing strategy 
Section eight   GIORGIO ARMANI	57
1, Background of entering into China market 
2, Market competitivity 
3, Sales 
4, Developing strategy 
Chapter six   Developing trend in the future 
Chapter seven   Developing risk in the future 
Chapter eight Suggestion on development 
Table Catalogue of Tables 

Table  3  Living standard 	8
Table  4  Proportion of spending on dressing in income and consumption 8
Table  5  Annual growth rate of spending in different classes 	9
Table  6  Locations of Shanghai Henglong Square and Jinjiang Disheng 	11
Table  7  Beijing Wangfu Hotel and National Trade Mall	12
Table  9  Living standard of Shanghai 	15
Table  10  Controllable income index and nationwide comparison 	15
Table  11  GDP and growth of Beijing 	16
Table  12  Per capita consumption and income in different classes 	16
Table  13  Comparison of controllable income between Beijing, Shanghai and nationwide people 	17
Table  14  GDP and index of Guangzhou 18
Table  15  Understanding on luxury products	19
Table  16  Consumption channel 	20
Table  17  LV head-store and Flagship store in China 24
Table  18  Distribution in China 	24
Table  19  Categories of LV 	26
Table  21  Global market shares of LV fashionable dress and leather   	29
Table  22  Distribution of CHANEL in China 	31
Table  23  Categories of CHANEL 	32
Table  24  Categories of VERSACE 	36
Table  25  Distribution of fine stores of DIOR  	39
Table  26  Categories of DIOR 	41
Table  27  Saleroom of each kind of products of DIOR Unit: m Euro	43
Table  29  Global market share of DIOR 44
Table  30  Distribution of GUCCI in China 	46
Table  31  Agent of VALENTINO in China mainland 	50
Table  32  Distribution of VALENTINO in China 	51
Table  33  Distribution of ARMANI in China mainland 	59
Table  34  Products of ARMANI 	60
Table  35  Market growth in the future in China	63


Luxury in the international community is seen as "a people beyond survival and development needs of the area, has a unique, scarce. The characteristics of the rare consumer goods " are the non-necessities. The reasons is the luxury brands of luxury brands, depends on its expensive price, and through unconventional means of communication allow users to accept imperceptible brand, brand understanding of the meaning -- in short, luxury brand is to receive the reasons for high prices. Overall, luxury has the following major characteristics of the several.

First, the majority of people using one of the prices from the flu. Doomed luxury only some people can afford to buy. Only in this way will be products "most people expect that, a few people have" the sense of distance. Parker pen and lower prices, so that more people have, but it never again represent a luxury. "Montblanc" replaced. The high prices are not an accurate concept, but it is clear. As the price of failure is a luxury, but is expensive luxury all the same. Luxury is one of the important value, need extremely high price to have some substance or why we now have the experience, This unique experience with high prices in exchange for, otherwise, there will be a special experience. Of course, the luxury brand for luxury brand to more than double the price will not lead to significant quality improvement. Below the map to registered products as an example of good shows in the luxury brand on the price and quality of the relationship.

Second, the symbolic power. Prices of luxury "deviation" from the practical value, its value lies on the symbol. "Jetta" and "B" are means of transport, walking no price indicated in the big differences, The difference lies in the significance they represent different. "B" is the symbolic value of success, wealth and value. As jokingly said, you open a large holding by 100,000 by easily be, If you ride a bicycle to fear Nobody dares take it through. LV best selling packages or the hands of its most eye-catching logo that either. The men's T-Shirt, if there are no Armani words, it seems not so hard.

Third, it must have a long history, tradition or unparalleled technology, materials do support. In Europe , many family business is a luxury product, pay attention to heritage and ancestry, such as vodka. Bentley relishes another example of the United Kingdom 's top craftsmen hand stitching all the leather couches, Table radar always claimed that it has never wear surface. There were stories, culture, and this is a luxury has become a luxury important reasons, Brand is rich in content lies.

Fourth, we must have respect for the products of history superb product design and stability of the high-quality, superior technology. Luxury and quality in the design must be matched with the value, and having a high degree of consistency. Only in this way can we have to rely on flu and benign reputation spread.

And apparel categories in luxury with more than the total number of luxury features, also has its own features.

First, it is not only popular classics, but also understands fashion, and fashion guides. Several major global fashion capital of the annual publication is actually leading the fashion trend of development originated, pop it in the publication, Published in the trend, and the concept release, all the dynamics are following the fashion it go. Senior luxury fashion, senior clothing is issued to lead luxury trend, is the issue of the utmost forefront of things, the trend was most things.

Second, the inspiration for designer clothes luxurious development of the soul. Since the apparel category represents luxury fashion, the designer's style so we should be able to lead this trend. Jianaier, in a fashion Fansaizhe the bird, is thanks to them that era understand the pop direction, and use their own design style direction of this decision. Jianaier costumes in Jianaier had died in depression, until 83 Jianaier Kaergela Rumsfeld as chief designer, led the Jianaier return to the top fashion industry.

Third, it sports, film fashion circle the increasingly close ties between our respect or share customers. Luxury costumes needs to spread, and wearing their sports, movie songs, Royal aristocracy and so on, have become their best advocate. Since Marilyn Monroe Jianaier declared on the 5th of her pajamas, Jianaier brand will be more fans, Armani says in the film after rising rapidly, catapulted into the fashion industry's top representatives.

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