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Research Report on Investing Value of China Egg Products Processing Industry

Chapter One   Research Summary 1
Section one     Goal  2
Section two     Content  3
Section three    Method 4
Section four     	Source 5
Section five     Basis  	6
Chapter Two   Summary on Development of China Egg Products Processing Industry 8
Section one     Definition and classification 9
Section three    	Development of egg products processing industry 10
Section four     Current market 	11
Section five     Main industrial features and developing histroy	12
Chapter Three   Investing features 	15
Section one     Industrial policies and effect 	16
Section two     Products structure 17
Section three    Concentration 	18
1, Concentration of enterprises 	19
2, Regional concentration 	20
Section four     Analysis on profitability 	21
1, Assets return rate  	22
2, Capital profit rate 	23
3, Net interest rate of cost 	24
4, Loss and profit of provinces and cities 	25
Section five     Analysis on solvency 	26
1, Assets liability ratio  	27
2, Assets liability ratio of top 20 enterprises in sales income 	28
Section six     Analysis on growth ability 	29
Section seven  Development of upstream and downstream industries 	30
Section eight   Economic structure of industry 31
Section nine   Components of cost and expenses 	32
Section ten    Lifecycle 33
Chapter Four   Analysis on International Egg Products Market 	35
Section one    	Current development of international market 36
Section two     Developing level of main countries and regions	37
Section three    Analysis on international market trend and developing trend 	38
Section four     Analysis on processing technology and research and development trend of
international egg products 39 Chapter Five Analysis on size of egg products processing industry Section one Number of enterprises between 2006 and 2008 42 Section two Number of enterprises who are in loss 43 Section three Total amount of loss between 2006 and 2008 44 Section four Number of employees in the industry between 2006 and 2008 45 Section five Overall development in 2007 46 Section six Forecast on developing trend of 2008 Chapter Six Analysis on Egg Products Processing Industry 49 Section one Accounting of products¨ cost 50 1, Summary on industrial cost 51 2, Analysis on financial data 52 Section two Analysis on output of industrial products 53 1, Output of 2007 54 1), Regional output 55 2), Enterprises¨ output 56 2, Output of 2008 57 1), Regional output 58 2), Enterprises¨ output 59 Section three Import and export 60 Chapter Six Analysis on Investment on egg products processing industry between 2006 and 2008 Section one Overall investment between 2006 and 2008 63 Section two Industrial capital assets between 2006 and 2008 64 Section three Industrial current assets between 2006 and 2008 65 Section four Overall foreign capital utilization between 2006 and 2008 66 Section five Investment of China local enterprises on egg products processing industry
between 2006 and 2008 67 Section six Investment of enterprises of Hong Kong and Taiwan on egg products
processing industry between 2006 and 2008 68 Section seven Investment of overseas enterprises on egg products processing industry
between 2006 and 2008 69 Chapter Seven Analysis on Competitivity of Egg Products Processing Industry 71 Section one Theoretical summary on technology progress 72 Section two Current competitivity in China 73 Section three Analysis on factors affecting improvement of competitivity 74 Section four Study on technology progress and competitivity 75 Section five Study concept and definition of concept 76 Section six Calculation of technical progress 77 Section seven Evidential analysis on effect of technical progress on competitivity 78 Chapter Eight Analysis on Import and Export of Egg Products Processing Industry 80 Section one Overall import and export of 2006 81 1, Import 82 2, Export 83 Section two Distribution of customs and nations of import and export 84 1, Import 85 2, Export 86 Section three Distribution of products¨ categories of import and export 87 1, Import 88 2, Export 89 Section four Forecast on importing trend in 2007 90 Chapter Nine Analysis on Competition Structure 92 Section one Regional competition structure 93 1, Competition structure 94 2, Current competition 95 3, Market shares of enterprises 96 Section two Demand of enterprises 97 Section three Market potential of enterprises 98 Section four Market sales 99 Section five Comparison of market shares 100 Section six Analysis on comparison of competitivity of key enterprises 101 Section seven Analysis on technical comparison 102 Section eight Analysis on comparison of exports 103 Section nine Analysis on comparison of total profit 104 Section ten Analysis on comparison of overall competitivity 105 Chapter Ten Analysis on Economic Indexes of Key Enterprises 108 Section one Overall survey of enterprises 109 1, Overall development of industry 110 2, Main costs of enterprises 111 3, Profit 112 Section two Analysis on typical enterprises 113 1, Fuqing Sunshine Food Company 114 2, Penglai Honghuohuo Food Company 115 3, Dalian Jinggang Biochemical Products Factory 116 4, Guangdong Zhenghong Duck Egg Company 117 5, Nanchang Huanzhu Egg Factory 118 鎗6, Nanchang Meishi Xiangxiang Egg Processing Factory 119 7, Hebi Xiangkuolao Food Company 120 8, Fujian Fuqing Dongshihua Egg Products Company 121 9, Wuzhi Jikeda Food Company 122 10, Gaoyou Sanhu Egg Products Company 123 11, Liuhe Feed Company 124 12, Rushan Shunli Food Factory 125 13, Taizhou Second Food Factory 126 14, Hubei Jiuzhu Egg Company 127 15, Guangzhou Huangshanghuang Egg Company 128 16, Zhuanghe Heidao Agricultural Development Company 129 17, Shandong Weishan Huhong Lotus Food Comapny 130 18, Cixi Aikai Food Company 131 19, Fuyang Dele Food Company 132 20, Shouguang Guoli Food Company 133 21, Hengdong Yafeng Food Company 134 22, Shandong Guangsheng Company 135 23, Gaoyou Hongtaiyang Food Company 136 24, Jiangxi Xiandan Healthy Food Company 137 25, Tengzhou Longhai Preserved Company 138 26, Xianyou Dalaogu Food Company 140 27, Shangdong Zhenan Yuanheng Food Company 141 28, Shaoxing Baochang Egg Factory 142 29, Beijing Huafang Egg Products Processing Factory 143 Chapter Eleven Comparative Analysis on Investment Return Rate in Egg Products
Processing Industry Section one Analysis on investing environment 146 Section two Comparison and analysis of activity coefficient 147 Section three Comparison and analysis of investment return rate 148 Section four Analysis and suggestion on investing strategy 150 Chapter Twelve Investing Risks Prevention of Egg Products Processing Industry 151 Section one Analysis on competition risks of egg products processing industry 152 Section two Summary on risks of egg products processing industry 153 Section three Natural risk 154 Section four Market risk 155 Section five Risks of system and policy 156 Section six Management risk 157 Section seven Technical risk 158 Section eight Investing risk 159 Section nine Risk preventing measures 160 1, In policy 161 2, In investing and financing 162 3, In moral 163 4, In technology 164 5, In job choosing 165 Chapter Thirteen Investing Strategy Choosing of Egg Products Processing Industry 167 Section one SWOT analysis 168 Section two Research viewpoint 169 Section three Suggestion 170 Section four Conclusion and suggestion 171
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