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Trend Research Report on China Mobile Phone Storage Card
Market 2008

 English version
Hardcopy(USD) 2700
Electronic(USD) 3100
Both(USD) 3300
 Chinese version  


Abstact - 9 -
Chapter One  Phone Memory Card Market Overview - 11-
Section one   Chinese mobile phone memory card market analysis of the status quo - 11-
1. Unlimited business opportunities-11-
2, The capacity to promote channels - 11-
3, Cell phone access storage times-12-
1. Storage becomes the mainstream-12-
2, Increasing demand-12-
3. For more intense-13-No. 
2 Market trend forecast-13 C 
1. Various brand development trend-13-
2, The general trend of development-14-
1. 2010 cell phone users in China and India 1 billion a few super-15-
2. Manufacturers will increasingly rely on emerging markets - 15-
3, the consumer market status-15-
1. Memory card into the era of G-15-
2. The current mainstream memory card and Development-17-No. 
3 market development proposals - 19-
Chapter Two   Cell phone memory card research study of the environment-21-
article a research background-21 C 
the first two studies-21-
No. 3 Research Methods-22 - No.
 4 Data Acquisition-22-No. 
5 Environmental Analysis-23-
1, The macroeconomic environment analysis-23-
2. Technical analysis-24-1,2007, the development of mobile phone technology trend-24-
2. Future cell phone three largest emerging functional-26-
3. Analysis of socio-demographic - 27-
Chapter Three   Mobile phone memory card definition -29-
Section one   Cell phone memory card concept-29-
1. Support memory card definition-29-
2,The mobile phone's memory capacity-29-
3,The phone memory-29-4. Phone Memory Card main purposes - 29-
1, Commercial data storage-29-
2, Audio and video storage-30-3. stored procedures-30-
Section two   Cell phone memory card classification-30-
1, The cell phone memory card market classifications - 30-
2. Mobile Phone Memory Card Review 2006-32-
3. 2007 Phone Memory five major industry forecast-34-
1, Stored in the expanding field of HPC sites-34-
2. Will become the trend-34-
3, data protection and security will be the focus-34-
4. Paper is not going to disappear - 34-
5. Storage Virtualization future of high-speed growth point-35-
Section three   All phone memory card features - 35-
1. Phone Memory Card Technology existing-35-
2, cell phone memory card on the Bluetooth function embodied-37-
3. NOR technology-40-
4, AND technology-41-
5, NAND Flash Memory-41-
6. DiskOnChipTM technology-42-
7. EEPROM derived from the flash memory-42-
Chapter Four   Handset memory card market structure analysis -44-
Section one   Market structure analysis-44-
1, market structure analysis-44-
2, The distribution pattern of the market-49-
3. Sales continued to show a steady upward trend-50-
4, Smuggling of goods still serious-50-
5. Micro-type flash memory and hard disk memory card flawless - 50-
6. CF card bleak prospects - 51-t
Chapter 5 Phone memory card manufacturers focus on competitiveness evaluation  - 54-
Section one   Manufacturers a key competitive evaluation - 54-
1. Focus on brand strategy and channels SWOT analysis-54-
2, Sandisk Brand-54-
3. Kingston Brand-54-
4, Lexar brand-54-
5. Toshiba brand-54-
6, Kingmax brand-54-
7. Panasonic brand-55-
8. Sony brand-55-
Section two   Market overview and brand structure-55-
1, Market overview-55-
2. Brand structure attention to the investigation - 55-
Section three   Product specifications attention survey-57-
1. Different products concern contrast capacity-57-
2, Different types of cards concern contrast-58-
3. Mainstream manufacturers product line distribution-58-
Section four   Price range concern survey-61-
1. Price distribution concern-61-
2, Focusing on the price of different manufacturers products distribution-61-
3. Mainstream manufacturers average price comparison-62-
Section five    In 2006 internal memory card market characteristics-63-
1. Memory card sales continued to grow-63-
2, Memory card capacity rising, 1GB become mainstream-63-
3. Brand showed the flourishing trend-63-
4, The memory card sales channels are changing-63-
5. Small memory card market will become mainstream-63-
6, The type of memory card specifications concern analysis-63-
7. Memory card capacity analysis concern-64-
8. Different types of memory card products average price analysis-64-
Chapter Six   Of the global mobile phone memory card market size and trend analysis 66-
Section one   Global handset market size memory card-66-
1. Global mobile memory card market to the demand-66-
2. Phone Memory Card broad market prospects - 66-
Section two   Global memory card market share - 67-
1. Different types of cell phone memory card Development-67-
2. Global mobile memory card major manufacturers Development-67-
Section three   Global mobile memory card market trend analysis-68 C 
1, The future size of the market will further expand into a-68-
2, Cell phone memory card function of the two trends - 68-
3. Phone memory card will enhance the compatibility - 69-
4, Cell phone memory card miniaturization trend-69-
5. Phone Memory Card price competition trend-69-
Chapter Seven   Chinese mobile phone memory card market size and trend analysis- 70-
Section one   Festival handset market segmentation and market potential
 purchase of trend analysis-70-
1. Different brand cell phone market share position-70-
2, potential users of intent to buy-71-
3. Prices for mobile phone users mental capacity-71-
4, users of the phone function of the extent of the need-72-
5. Different level of education phone function of the use-72-
6. Different income groups, the phone function of the use-73-
7. Phone competition in the market trend analysis-73-
Section two  Cell phone memory card market size-74-
1. External memory card phone achievements NAND Flash Memory-74-
2. Multi-chip package (MCP) products is gradually increasing proportion - 75-
Section three   Mobile phone memory card market with a bright future-75 C 
1, The export market growth trends - 75-
2, Cell phone memory card market segmentation - 76-
3. Phone Memory Card functions trend-76-
Section four   Memory card market share - 77-
1. Memory capacity memory card distribution-77-
2, Memory card support of-78-
3. Video broadcast of support-78-
Chapter Eight   phone memory card manufacturers led development strategy analysis-80-
Section one  All hands Machine Memory Card Technology-80-
1, SANDISK-80-
2, Sony-80-
3. Matsushita - 80-
4, Toshiba-81-
5, LEXAR-81-
6. KINGMAX (Xingchuang Technology) - 81-
7, TWINMOS (Qimao) - 81-
8. imagination (TRANSCEND) - 82-
9, Jinshidu KINGSTON-82-10. Huateng Microelectronics (ATP) - 82-
Section two   All resources-82-
Section three   The first three years of operation volume of - 83-
Section four   Development strategy-84-
1, Market segmentation - 84-
2. Coordination to fight for market share - 84-
3, Sustained a leading edge technology-84-
4. Listing control tempo - 85-
5. Do security work-85-
Section five   Cooperative relations-86 C 
Section six   Summary -87-
Chapter Nine  Micro hard disk technology than and market trends  -88-
Section one   Micro hard disk technology comparative analysis-88-
1, Micro hard disk advantages : - 88-
2, MMC, SD, MS, Technology TF - 89-
Section two   Disk storage cards and various comparative analysis-90-
1. Comparative analysis of structure-90-
2, The transmission speed of comparative analysis-90-
3, The comparative analysis of capacity-91-
4. Interface Analysis-91-
Section three   MMC, SD, MS, TF, micro hard disk market trend analysis-92-
1. Memory card and micro-hard struggle-92-
2, The next memory card market struggle between two camps-92-
3. Mobile Phone Memory Card have come to the fore-92-
4, The bright future of the hard drive-93-
5. Micro-disk cell phone more and more popular-93-
Chapter Ten   Phone memory card manufacturers comparative analysis-95-
Section one   Domestic phone memory card Analysis of manufacturers-95-
Section two   Foreign phone manufacturers to analyze the memory card-97-
Chapter Eleven Industry development strategies and recommendations - 100-
Section one   Product strategy-100-resolution two pricing strategies - 100-
Section three  channels strategy-100 C
Chapter Twelve   Phone memory card price development process and trend analysis-101-
Section one   The unique information industry market competition law -- the price law-101-
Section two, Mobile phone prices continuing to fall to the cell phone memory
 card of pressure-101-
Section three, Phone memory card price trends - 102-
1. World of the overall storage market trends affecting cell phone memory card
 trend of development-102-
2. Phone Memory Card price trends - 103-
3 10th for the next chapter phone memory card technology development impact analysis - 104-
Section three   Quality of Flash site of the fatal factors - 104-
1, control chip issues - 104-
2. Flash memory chips issues - 104-
3. Other issues - 104-
Section two   Non-volatile Flash memory will face the technological bottleneck-104-
Chapter Fourteen   Future Chinese mobile phone memory card demand forecast-106-
Section one   In 2007, handset memory card market in the allocation of demand Analysis-106-
Section two   Mobile phone memory card will become the standard configuration 
of your phone's 1-107-
Section three   Chinese manufacturers product research and development will trend analysis-107
Section four   Leading Chinese handset market trend card-107-
Section five   China phone card market-driven trend-110-
Chapter Fifteen   Conclusions and recommendations-113-
Section one   policy factors - 113 C 
Section two   Technical factors - 113-
Section three  Market factors - 114-
Section four   Competitive factors - 114 -
Catalogue of Charts 
Chart 1 : smartphone design industry chain structure-20 C 
Chart 2 : H & Q consulting research data / information collection methods-22  
Chart 3 : The research data / information analysis method-22 C 
Chart 4 : Consumers buy mobile phones, bringing their capacity memory card with 
the considerations-24-
Chart 5 : overall market and large memory capacity mobile phone market price range
 of different products concern contrast ratio-25-
Charts 6 : the future development direction of the smart phone-25-
Chart 7 : large memory capacity of the mobile value-added business life cycle map-26-
Chart 8 : Bluetooth fuselage and memory speed test results-38-
Chart 9  : memory card capacity and install JAVA-38-
Chart 10 : the memory card capacity and recording function-39-
Chart 11 : memory card capacity and function calls tone-39-
Chart 12 : capacity memory card and cell phone input feature-40-
Chart 18 : five main memory card product features - 47-
Chart 30 : Ten 2005-2006 Flash card manufacturers concern contrast ratio-56-
Chart 38 : five different manufacturers in product distribution interval price comparison-61
Chart 44 : different brand cell phone market share analysis-70-
Chart 45 : three big brands in different cities in the share - 71-
Chart 46 : potential demand for mobile phone brands-71-
Chart 47 : Consumer price affordability of mobile phones - 71-
Chart 48 : existing cell phone users in the phone function of the use-72-
Chart 49 : different level of education phone function of the use-73-
Chart 50: different income groups, the phone function of the use-73-
Chart 51 : 2003-2009, the memory card market shipment growth trend analysis unit : 1000000-75
Chart 52 : 2006-2010 types of memory card application market share analysis-76-
Chart 53 : Memory capacity distribution contrast-77-
Chart 54 : support memory card and memory card does not support the number 
of models contrast-78-
Chart 55 : Video support and do not support the broadcast video broadcast 
contrast the number of models - 78-
Chart 56 : various mobile memory card sales-84-
Chart 57 : 2,005 Chinese market with a new push memory card phone proportion
 of the memory card-92-
Chart 58 : Apple iPod product configurations-93-
Chart 59 : in March 2007 in Beijing and Shanghai, some memory card price comparison-96-
Chart 60 : January 2007 part of the price reduction from the phone-102-
Chart 61 : China 2004-2005 memory card market size and growth-108-
Chart 62 : China 2006-2010 memory card market sales forecast-109-
Chart 63 : China 2006-2010 memory card market sales forecast-111 -

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