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  Flavoring Industry
  Food Package Service
  Road Intelligent Traffic
  Medical Apparatuses
  Fruit Deep Processing
  Real Estate Industry
  Commuication Industry
  Two-layer Kettle
  Eduction & Publication
  Aluminum Nanoparticle
  Natural Gas
  Aquatic Products
  Commerce Industry
  Tourism of Beijing
  Water Based Varnish
  Coal Activated Carbon
  Post and Telecom Industry
  Transceiver Equipment
  Ultraviolet Based Varnish
  Egg Products Processing
  Beef & Cattle
  Organic Agriculture
  Mutton Sheep
  Water Product
  Bean Milk Powder
  Deer Breeding&Processing
  Yoghurt Starter Market
  Post and Expres Post
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  China Air Humi
  Soymilk Machine
  Headset Battery
  IPTV Operation Strategy
  Intelligent Mobile Phone
  Skin Medication Industry
  Educational Funds
  Fluorine Industry
  Mobile Phone Paint Industry
  Detergent Products
  Luxury Dressing Products
  Crystal Market
  Massaging Product Industry
  Wool Blanket Industry
  Metal Sodium Market
  Salviae Miltiorrhizae Market
  VHF Wireless Telephone
  Airless Spraying Machine
  Barge Market
  Diesel Generators Market
  Mobile Phone Camera
  Color Matching & Blending
  Drinking Machine Industry
  Liquefied Natural Gas
  Silver Products Industry
  Cooperative Software
  Ice Machine Industry
  Grating Digital Display
  China's Mobilephone
  Chinese Cellphone Design

Research Report on Developing Trend of Ice Machine Industry

Chapter One   Characteristics of Major Economy in Ice Machine Industry 
1, Characteristics of products
A, Classification 
B, Developing background 
C, Theory 
D, Key parts 
2, Characteristics of market 
3, The place in lifecycle 
A, Key of seizing opportunity 
B, Basic judgment on lifecycle of ice machine 
4, Difficulties of entrance and secession 
A, Entrance barrier 
B, Different ways to enter into  
5, Innovation in technology and products 
A, Technological innovation may change industrial competition structure 
B, Products innovation is the key part of competitivity 
C, Many technologies are waiting for further development 
6, Differentiation / homogeneity analysis  
A, Higher requirements on products differentiation for current market competition 
B, Differentiation of products is a way to far from fierce competition 
C, There is great space for differentiation of products 
7, Economies of scale 
8, Effect of learning and experience 
9, Industrial profit level 
Chapter Two   Production Analysis 
1, Fast growth of industrial production size 
2, Distribution of industry 
3, Advantageous enterprises quicken to expand; industry concentration improves 
4, Products strategy of advantageous enterprises 
5, Production of OEM and ODM 
6, Difficulties in production 
7, Output change in the future years 
Chapter Three   Market Analysis 
 1, Analysis on market size 
2, Analysis on growth speed 
3, Analysis on market space 
4, Analysis on market concentration 
5, Analysis on terminal market 
A, Overall situation 
B, Terminal demonstration 
C, Performance of terminal selling market of key brands 
6, Analysis on regional markets
A, North market 
B, Northeast market 
C, Central-South market 
D, Southwest market 
E, East market 
F, West market 
Chapter Four,   Analysis on Price 
1, Analysis on features of price consumption 
2, Analysis on price of key brands 
3, The relationship between price and cost is not close 
4, Analysis on price strategy of competitors 
5, Price will be in the important position in competition 
6, Low-price and brand strategy
Chapter Five   Analysis on Industrial Competitivity 
1, Theoretical basis of industrial competition analysis  
2, Number of enterprises and brands within the industry 
3, Analysis on structure of industrial competition 
4, Analysis on competition group 
Chapter Six   Analysis on Import and Export 
1, Export and growth 
2, Overseas market distribution 
3, Key brands in overseas market 
4, Analysis on Import 
Chapter Seven   Analysis on Upstream and Downstream Industries 
Chapter Eight   Analysis on channel 
1, Channel is very important to ice machine industry 
2, Channel structure 
3, Form of sales channel 
4, Comparisons of sales channel factors 
5, Study on channel of competitors
6, Key regional agencies 
1, Southwest 
2, Northeast 
3, North 
4, Northwest 
5, East and South 
6, Central area 
Chapter Nine   Analysis on Consumers 
1, Recognition 
2, Concerning factors 
A, There are different demand in different functions of ice machine 
B, Quality is important 
C, Price is close to the expectancy of consumers 
D, The product¨s design can not satisfy consumers¨ using behavior 
Chapter Ten   Analysis on Substitute 
Chapter Eleven   Analysis on Brands 
1, Overall situation of brands 
2, Brands promotion 
3, Popularity of brands 
4, Brands choosing of agencies 
5, Recognition of main cities on key brands of ice machine 
6, Advertising 
Chapter Twelve   Leading and Driving Factors of Industry 
Chapter Thirteen   Factors of Success in Competition 
Chapter Fourteen   Introduction of Enterprises 
Chapter Fifteen   Forecast on Industry and Market 
1, Change trend of competition structure 
2, Forecast on overseas market development 
3, Forecast on developing prospect of products 
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