Phone Storage Card
  Flavoring Industry
  Food Package Service
  Road Intelligent Traffic
  Medical Apparatuses
  Fruit Deep Processing
  Real Estate Industry
  Commuication Industry
  Two-layer Kettle
  Eduction & Publication
  Aluminum Nanoparticle
  Natural Gas
  Aquatic Products
  Commerce Industry
  Tourism of Beijing
  Water Based Varnish
  Coal Activated Carbon
  Post and Telecom Industry
  Transceiver Equipment
  Ultraviolet Based Varnish
  Egg Products Processing
  Beef & Cattle
  Organic Agriculture
  Mutton Sheep
  Water Product
  Bean Milk Powder
  Deer Breeding&Processing
  Yoghurt Starter Market
  Post and Expres Post
  Track Shoe
  China Air Humi
  Soymilk Machine
  Headset Battery
  IPTV Operation Strategy
  Intelligent Mobile Phone
  Skin Medication Industry
  Educational Funds
  Fluorine Industry
  Mobile Phone Paint Industry
  Detergent Products
  Luxury Dressing Products
  Crystal Market
  Massaging Product Industry
  Wool Blanket Industry
  Metal Sodium Market
  Salviae Miltiorrhizae Market
  VHF Wireless Telephone
  Airless Spraying Machine
  Barge Market
  Diesel Generators Market
  Mobile Phone Camera
  Color Matching & Blending
  Drinking Machine Industry
  Liquefied Natural Gas
  Silver Products Industry
  Cooperative Software
  Ice Machine Industry
  Grating Digital Display
  China's Mobilephone
  Chinese Cellphone Design

Report on Developing Trend and Deep Investigation of China¨s
Massaging Product Industry

Chapter One. General Introduction	6
Section one. Definition of massaging products	6
Section two. Research background	6
Section three. Research goal	6
Section four. Research method	6
Section five. Investigation scope	6
Section six. Introduction	6
Section seven. Research conclusion	6
Chapter Two. Analysis on Status Quo of World Massaging Products	6
Section one. Analysis on status quo and future developing trend 	6
Section two. Analysis on industrial production and sales scale	6
Section three. Analysis import and export scale of massaging products6
Section four. Analysis on world¨s major producing countries	6
Section five. Analysis on comprehensive competitiveness of China¨s position in world¨s
 massaging product industry	6
Chapter Three. Analysis on Status Quo and Investment Policies of China¨s Massaging
 Product Industry	7
Section one. Analysis on status quo	7
Section two. Analysis on features of development	7
Section three. Analysis on industry system	7
Section four. Impact of macro-economy environment	7
Section five. Interpretation of industrial policy and analysis on investment direction	7
Section six. Analysis on policy environment of industrial policies	7
Chapter Four. Analysis on Developing Trend of Relative Technologies of China¨s
 Massaging Product Industry	7
Chapter Five. Analysis on Production and Sales Scale and Supply and Demand 
Structure of China¨s Massaging Product Industry	7
Section one. Analysis on developing trend and impacting elements of supply 
and demand structure	7
Section two. Analysis on production and sales scale from 2005 to 2010	7
Section three. Analysis on import and export	7
Section four. Analysis on elements impacting import and export	8
Chapter Six. Analysis on Competition Structure of China¨s Massaging Product Industry	8
Section one. Analysis on concentration of production scale	8
Section two. Analysis on concentration of producing areas	8
Section three. Analysis on concentration of brands	8
Chapter Seven. Analysis on Subdivided Industries of China¨s Massaging Product Industry	8
Section one. Foot Bath	8
1. Analysis on status quo	8
2. Analysis on production and sales from 2005 to 2010	8
3. Analysis on potential of growth	8
4. Analysis on profiting capacity	8
5. Analysis on capacity of technology innovativeness	8
Section two. Leg massage	8
Section three. Back massage	8
Section four. Head massage	8
Section five. Others	9
Chapter Eight. Analysis on Subdivided Regions of China¨s Massaging Product Industry	9
Section one. East China	9
1. Analysis on industrial chain	9
2. Status quo in 2007	9
3. Analysis on production and sales scale and supply and demand structure from 2005 to 2010	9
4. Analysis on volume and trend of import and export	9
Section two. South China	9
Section three. Northeast China	9
Section four. North China	9
Section five. Central China	9
Section six. West China	9
Chapter Nine. Analysis on Development of Oversea Massaging Product Enterprises in China	9
Section one. CCCCCC Company	9
1. Analysis on core competitiveness in the world	10
2. Current condition of invested enterprises in China	10
a. Investment features	10
b. Investment scale and profit	10
c. Structure of invested products	10
d. Investment trend	10
Section two. CCCCCC Company	10
Section three. CCCCCC Company	10
Section four. CCCCCC Company	10
Section five. CCCCCC Company	10
Chapter Ten. Analysis on Key Enterprises of China¨s Massaging Product Industry	10
Section one. **** Company	10
1. Capital operation and organizing structure	10
2. Analysis on scale and profiting rate of production and sales	10
3. Expansion plan of production distribution and energy production	10
4. Analysis on technology innovativeness	11
5. Analysis on product structure and pricing capacity	11
6. Analysis on marketing network and customer relation	11
7. General developing strategy and suggestion	11
Section two. **** Company	11
Section three. **** Company	11
Section four. **** Company	11
Section five. **** Company	11
Section six. **** Company	11
Section seven. **** Company	11
Section eight. **** Company	11
Section nine. **** Company	11
Section ten. **** Company	11
Chapter Eleven. Suggestions on Marketing Strategies of China¨s Massaging Product Industry	11
Section one. Marketing strategy suggestions on different customer groups	11
Section two. Marketing strategy suggestions on different products	12
Section three. Marketing strategy suggestions on different regions	12
Chapter Twelve. Analysis on Investment Risks of China¨s Massaging Product Industry and Solution 12
Section one. Analysis on risks of national industrial policies	12
Section two. Analysis on capital risks	12
Section three. Risks of market structure	12
Section four. Risks of industrial chain changes	12
Section five. Risks of costs of operation and production	12
Section six. Analysis on risks of competition	12
Section seven. Analysis on risks of re-financing	12
Chapter Thirteen. Suggestions on Developing Strategy of China¨s Massaging Product Industry 12
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