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Research Report on Investment Value of China¨s Mutton Sheep Raising and Processing Industry from 2007 to 2009

Chapter One. General Introduction 	4
Section one. Research goal	5
Section two. Research content	6
Section three. Research methods	7
Section four. Data source	8
Section five. Analysis basis	9
Chapter Two. Development 10
Section one. Summary of the industry	11
Section two. Impact of macro-economy to the industry	12
Section two. Impact of prices of grain and forage to the industry	13
Section four. Impact of leading enterprises in the industry on livestock raising industry	14
Section five. Impact of import and export to the industry	15
Chapter Three. Analysis on Breeds of Mutton Sheep and Developing Trend	16
Section one. Status quo and developing trend of sheep raising industry in China and
 the world in 21st century	17
Section two. Production and developing trend of mutton sheep raising	18
Section three. Features and prospect of Boer goat	19
Section four. Position and function of Boer goat	20
Section five. Utilization status quo and prospect of Boer goat in China	21
Section six. Features and prospect of Small-tail Han sheep		22
Section seven. Position and function of Small-tail Han sheep	23
Section eight. Utilization status quo and prospect of Small-tail Han sheep in China	24
Chapter Four. General Introduction of China¨s Mutton Sheep and Mutton Market Industry 	25
Section one. Production 	26
Section two. Raising quantity (National and provincial)	27
Section three. Technology level   	28
Section four. Features and enterprises   	29
Section five. Analysis on profit   	30
Section six. Production of mutton   	31
Section seven. Slaughter technology   	32
Section eight.  Analysis on breeds of domestic mutton sheep   	33
Section nine. Prediction of production from 2007 to 2008	34
Chapter Five. Analysis on Import and Export of Mutton Sheep and Mutton   	35
Section one. Import   	36
Section two. Export   	37
Section three. Features of import and export trade   	38
Section four. Analysis on key enterprises of import and export   	39
Section five. Trend of import and export from 2007 to 2008	40
Chapter Six. Features of Mutton Consumption Market   	41
Section one. Analysis on consumption quantity   	42
Section two. Features of consumption market   	43
Section three. Balance list of consumption   	44
Section four. Market prices   	45
Section five. Changes of market prices   	46
Section six. Price component and changes   	47
Section seven. Trend of consumption from 2007 to 2008	48
Section eight. Trend of prices from 2007 to 2008	49
Chapter Seven. Subdivided Markets of Domestic Mutton Enterprises   	50
Section one. Analysis on enterprises by the regions	51
Section two. Analysis on enterprises by the sizes	52
Section three. Analysis of enterprises by the income	53
Section four. Analysis of enterprises by the ownership	54
Section Eight. Analysis on Investment in Domestic Mutton Industry   	55
Section one. Total investment	   56
Section two. Investment in different enterprises    57
Section three. Investment of national finance   	58
Section four. Analysis on the oversea investment   	59
Section five. Analysis on Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan investment   	60
Section six. Analysis on private investment   	61
Section seven. Analysis on investment output profit   	62
Section eight. Analysis on upstream and downstream industrial chain   	63
Section nine. Impact of national policies and great events	64
Section ten. Prediction of investment output profit from 2007 to 2008	65
Chapter Nine. Analysis on Competitiveness of Mutton Sheep Raising Enterprises	66
Section one. Theories of technology progress of mutton and fur processing industry	67
Section two. Analysis on current competitiveness 	68
Section three. Analysis on elements enhancing the competitiveness	69
Section four. Case research on technological progress and competitiveness of mutton
 sheep processing industry	70
Section five. Thinking pattern of case research and definition of relative concepts	71
Section six. Calculation of progress rate 	72
Section seven. Case analysis on the impact of technology progress on the competitiveness 
of mutton and fur processing industry	73
Chapter Ten. Comparative Analysis on Economic Indexes of Key Mutton Processing Enterprises	74
Section one. General introduction	75
1. Introduction of key enterprises	76
2. Cost of key enterprises	77
3. Profit of key enterprises	78
Section two. Analysis on top ten enterprises of domestic large scale raising	79
Section three. Comparative study of processing technology of key enterprises	80
Section four. Comparative analysis on import and export of key enterprises	81
Section five. Comparative analysis on profit of key enterprises	82
Section six. Comparative analysis on competitiveness of key enterprises	83
Chapter Eleven. Comparative Analysis on Investment Profit Rate of Key Mutton Sheep
 Raising and Processing Industry	84
Section one. Analysis on investment environment	85
Section two. Comparison and analysis on vitality index	86
Section three. Comparison and analysis on investment profit rate	87
Section four. Analysis and suggestions on investment strategy	88
Chapter Twelve. Risk Prevention of Investment in Mutton Sheep Raising and Processing Indsutry 89
Section one. Analysis on competition risks	90
Section two. Risks of the industry	91
Section three. Analysis on natural risks	92
Section four. Analysis on market risks	93
Section five. Analysis on risks of policy and rules	94
Section six. Analysis on risks of management	95
Section seven. Analysis on risks of technology	96
Section eight. Analysis on risks of investment	97
Section nine. Risk prevention of the industry	98
1. Prevention of risk of policy	99
2. Prevention of risk of financing	100
3. Prevention of risk of morality	101
4. Prevention of risk of technology	102
5. Prevention of risk of job selection	103
Chapter Thirteen. Selection of Investment Policy in Mutton Sheep Raising and 
Processing Industry	104
Section one. Analysis on SWOT	105
Section two. Opinions on the industry	106
Section three. Suggestions on the research	107
Section four. Conclusion and suggestions	108
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