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Research Report on China Salviae Miltiorrhizae Market from 2007 to 2009

Chapter One  Research summary 
Section One  Whys 
Section Two  Content 
Section Three  Methods 
Section Four  Source 
Section Five  Basis 
Chapter Two  Survey of China local Chinese medical materials market 
Section One  Explanation and analysis on industrialized development 
Section Two  Categories 
Section Three  Current situation 
Section Four  Analysis on Chinese medical materials protection 
Section Five  Current industrialized management 
Section Six  Analysis on current protection and protection areas 
Section Seven  Sustainable development of biological diversification and Chinese medical 
materials resources
Section Eight  Analysis on developing factors 
Section Nine  Analysis on price trend 
Section Ten  Forecast on price  
Chapter Three  Analysis on salviae miltiorrhizae production regions in China 
Section One  Shandong Province 
1  Planting area 
2  Varieties and annual output 
3  Products selling 
Section Two  Anguo  
1  Planting area 
2  Varieties and annual output 
3  Products selling 
Section Three  Shanxi Province
1  Planting area 
2  Varieties and annual output 
3  Products selling 
Section Four  Shanxi Province 
1  Planting area 
2  Varieties and annual output 
3  Products selling 
Section Five  Others 
1  Planting area 
2  Varieties and annual output 
3  Products selling 
Chapter Four  Analysis on key China local Chinese medical materials markets
Section One  Heibei Anguo market 
Section Two  Gansu Longxi market 
Section Three  2 Chengdu Hehuachi market 
Section Four  Guangxi Yulin market 
Section Five  Harbin Sanheshu market 
Section Six  Anhui Haozhou market 
Section Seven  Weifeng market 
Section Eight  Guangzhou Qingping market 
Section Nine  Jiangxi Zhangshu market 
Section Ten  Hunan Yueayng Market 
Chapter Five  Analysis on import and export 
Section One  Export of raw materials 
Section Two  Export of salviae miltiorrhizae medicine 
Section Three  Export of salviae miltiorrhizae preparation agent 
Chapter Six  Analysis on sales of salviae miltiorrhizae and its products 
Section One  Sales of pharmacies 
Section Two  Sales of hospitals 
Section Three  Sales of salviae miltiorrhizae as health care products 
Section Four  Sales in other areas 
Chapter Seven  Analysis on developing trend and strategy of salviae miltiorrhizae industry 
Section One  Industrial developing trend 
1  Developing trend of medicine industry 
2  Developing trend of Chinese medicine industry 
3  Trend of products 
4  Trend of price 
5  Developing trend of new Chinese medicines 
Section Two  Analysis on industrial investment 
1  Prospect of development 
2  Investment 
3  Investing environment 
4  Investing value 
5  Developing strategy 
6  Entrance strategy into international market of Chinese medicine 
7  Overall strategy 
Chapter Eight  Conclusion and suggestion of report 

Explanation on research methods of report:

The study will involve a wide range of industries from the entire chain, including the Salvia breeding, cultivation, harvesting, processing, purchasing, product marketing, in order to ensure the authority and the scientific data acquisition, We will take the following methods studies :

First, through interviews, through the relevant state ministries and trade associations, medical research institutions, detailed study of the industry to the recent developments in the overall and relevant state industrial policies, technological development trends;

Second, the main producing areas of salvia, several major domestic medicine market conduct investigations and hand detailed information and data to the report based on research and analysis;

Third, through telephone interviews, the amount of domestic Salvia larger group of customers (distributors, Chinese herbal medicine processing enterprises in Shenzhen, a pharmacy, Hospital) and the associated data research, and ultimately the formation of scientific and authoritative industry studies to provide clients with decision-making, reference.

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