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Analysis Report on Forecast and Investment of China Skin Medication Industry from 2008-2010

1.1 Developing survey 
1.2 Introduction of several common skin medicines 
1.2.1 Ointment 
1.2.2 Cream 
1.2.3 Tincture 
1.2.4 Paint 
1.3 Notice
1.3.1 Selection and application 
Å Analysis and forecast on China skin medication market 
2.1 Overall situation 
2.1.1 Market share of skin disease drugs 
2.1.2 Key sub-categories 
2.1.3 Explanation and analysis of key categories 
2.1.4 Analysis on sales market 
2.2 Market size and growth 
2.3 Main categories 
2.3.1 Antifungal agents 
2.3.2 Hormone drugs 
2.3.3 Disinfector 
2.3.4 Anti-acne formulations 
2.3.5 Anti-psoriasis drugs  
2.3.6 Anti-pruritic drugs 
2.3.7 Emollients / Skin protection agent 
‰ Analysis on OTC market of skin medication in China 
3.1 Analysis on ranking of OTC market by saleroom 
3.2 Analysis on ranking of OTC market by sales 
3.3 Analysis on main products 
3.3.1 Miconazole Nitrate
3.3.2 Band-Aid Adhesive Bandage 
3.3.3 Compound Dexamethasone Acetate Cream
3.3.4 Miconazole Nitrate Cream
3.3.5 Lanmeishu Cream 
3.3.6 Xinfu Manling Cream 
3.3.7 Pavisone Cream
3.3.9 Finasteride Tablets
3.3.10 Yunnan Baiyao Adehive Bandage 
3.3.11 ketoconazole lotion
♯ Analysis skin medication of hospitals in China 
♭ Study on marketing channel 
5.1 Market features: retailing is the key terminal market 
5.2 Ad analysis: Growth of overall market 
5.3 Trend of marketing change 
♪ Study on consumers¨ demand in China 
6.1 Analysis on consumers¨ investigation 
6.3 Analysis on purchase decision factors 
6.2 Analysis on ranking of purchase of dermatologic topical medicines 
† Analysis on competition 
7.1 Xian¨an Yangsen 
7.1.1 Company¨s survey 
7.1.2 Strict management and encouragement-orientation 
7.1.3 Team construction 
7.1.4 Personalized working environment 
7.1.5 Enhancing patriotic and traditional education 
7.2 Zhongmei Shike 
7.2.1 Company¨s survey 
7.2.2 Facing challenge 
7.2.3 Choosing process 
7.2.4 Implementing effect 
7.2.5 Diagnosis 
7.3 Sanjiu Hospital 
7.3.1 Company¨s survey 
7.3.2 Strategy of hospital and hospital¨s trade 
7.3.3  5s Management 
7.4 Shanghai Johnson 
7.4.1 Company¨s survey 
7.4.2 Non-typical exclusive capital 
7.5 Dihon Pharmaceutical Company 
7.5.1 Company¨s survey
7.5.2 Human orientation; Strengthening medicine with technology 
7.5.3 To develop with ^two short and one length¨
7.6 Jiannan Dongfeng Pharmaceutical Company 
7.7 Beijing Nuohua 
7.7.1 Company¨s survey
7.7.2 To compete in non-patent medicine 
7.7.3 New products 
7.8 MERCK China 
7.9 Guangdong Shunde Shunfeng Pharmaceutical Company 
7.9.1 Company¨s survey
7.9.2 Technology of scientific research 
7.10 Shanghai Xianling Baoya Pharmaceutical Company 
7.11 Tianjin Pharmaceutical Company 
7.11.1 Company¨s survey
7.11.2 Company spirit 
7.11.3 Strategy 
7.11.4 Whys of reform 
7.12 Guangzhou Hegong Parmaceutical Company 
7.12.1 Company¨s survey
7.12.2 Developing plan
‡ Analysis on developing trend 
8.1 Focuses and prospect of research 
8.2 Forecast on market size 
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