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Research Report on China¨s Airless Spraying Machine Market

1	Airless spraying machine market	2
1.1	Analysis on status quo	2
1.1.1	Analysis on status quo 	2	Analysis on features of market development	2	Analysis on market developing environment and motives	3
1.1.2	Analysis on application	4
1.1.3	Analysis on market scale and growth rate	5
1.1.4	Brand distribution in the current market	5
1.2	Analysis on market competition structure	6
1.2.1	Analysis on market shares of major brands	6
1.2.2	Analysis on market capacity for core brand products from 2007 to 2009	7
1.2.3	Analysis on marketing strategies of major brand products	8
1.3	Prediction of the market trend from 2007 to 2009	9
1.3.1	Analysis on future market environment	9
1.3.2	Prediction of annual growth rate and causes from 2006 to 2010	9
1.4	Analysis on competitiveness of brand enterprises 	10
1.4.1	Wuxin Putian Special Painting Equipment Co. 	10
1.4.2	Zhejiang Yongkang Mingda Spraying Equipment Co. 	11
1.4.3	Shanghai Xinye Spraying Equipment	11
1.4.4	Shanghai Liangshi Machinery Co. 	12
1.4.5	Shanghai Lite Machinery Co. 	12
1.4.6	Wuxi Wilson Machinery	13
1.4.7	Zhejiang Yongkang Hengda Spraying Equipment	14
1.4.8	Chongqing Changjiang Spraying Equipment	14
1.4.9	American Graco	15
1.4.10	German Wagner 16
Table 1. Market shares of domestic and oversea brands	3
Table 2. Market shares of oversea brands in China	3
Table 2. Market shares in regions of China	4
Table 4. Overall scale of the market from 2006 to 2008	6
Table 5. Analysis on market shares of brands in China	7
Table 6. Market capacity from 2005 to 2010	8
Table 7. Overall scale of the market from 2006 to 2010	11


Airless spraying uses special forms of use of pneumatic, electric or other power-driven hydraulic pump to make the paint to form 10-40MPa high-pressure, and nozzle out through special non-instantaneous gas so that the state of high-pressure paint spray fine mist of a fan shape, and spit high-speed to the surface. The process of spraying depends on paint mist compressed on their own pressure, and the spray paint is non-state of compressed air. This is the strength of the spraying machine. It is currently the widespread coating technology.

•  China in the absence of gas spraying equipment research, development, and product performance, the current development situation very well. Domestic non-gas spraying machine because of the higher cost-effectiveness reasons, many manufacturers of the products have export, Spraying machines abroad particularly in the area is very considerable. At present no gas spraying equipment has been widely used in ships, industry, national defense, construction, furniture painting area.

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