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Research Report on China¨s Water Based Varnish Maket 2009

Chapter ONE   The Introduction on Water Based Varnish Maket- 7 -
Section one   Summary	- 7 -
One   Features and classification	- 7 -
Two  Analysis on performance of water based varnish products.	- 7 -
Section Two  Ink analysis of the market size for 2005-2009	- 11 -
Section  Three   2007 -2009, Ink consumption forecast	- 14 -
Chapter TWO   Ink market	- 18 -
Section One   Photo printing machines and printing machinery	- 18 -
1、2006 printing machinery industry has new features	- 18 -
2.   Strong growth in export markets	- 20 -
3.  High-end equipment, industrial progress	- 21 -
4、Joint venture upgrading	- 21 -
5、Influx of foreign enterprises, domestic enterprises compression	- 22 -
Section  Two  Ink applications market	- 26 -
One.  Profile	- 26 -
Two  Ink in the application of the tobacco industry	- 27 -
1.   Overview on market	- 27 -
2、Prospect	- 29 -
3.   Application Packaging Printing Ink	- 31 -
Section  Three     Ink market breakdown of the different types of printing	- 32 -
One  Industrial profile	- 32 -
Two  Offset	- 33 -
1.   Offset the size of the market	- 33 -
2.  Offset advantage in the market growth	- 33 -
3.  Influencing Factors	- 35 -
4、Prospect	- 36 -
Three   Flexible printing	- 37 -
1、Market scale	- 37 -
2.  Imported one and domestic one share the market by half	- 41 -
3、Uneven distribution	- 41 -
4、The reason of development in flexographic printing	- 44 -
5、Prospect & foresee over Flexographic printing	- 46 -
Four  market conditions and market characteristics of the Letterpress printing	- 47 -
1. Status quo in Letterpress printing	- 48 -
2.  Features of letterpress printing	- 49 -
3.   Trend of Letterpress printing	- 51 -
Five    The trend of Printing and analysis of market trends	- 52 -
1.  Printing mode	- 52 -
1 Gravure	- 52 -
2 Offset	- 55 -
3 Flexo Printing	- 55 -
2、The trend of printing market	- 55 -
1)	Circle of the Pearl River Delta printing industry	- 56 -
2)	Circle of the Yangtze River Delta printing industry	- 57 -
3)	Bohai printing industry circles	- 58 -
4)	Foreign printing enterprises	- 58 -
5)	Private sector	- 59 -
Six   Comparison  of way in printing	- 61 -
1.  Lithography ink	- 62 -
2、Letterpress ink	- 62 -
3、Intaglio ink	- 62 -
4、Mesh Ink	- 62 -
5、Targeted and special ink	- 63 -
Seven    Printing leaflets, printed Reel	- 63 -
Eight    Loose-leaf printing, packaging and printing, label printing (Narrow printed)	- 64 -
1、Loose-leaf printing	- 64 -
2、Packaging and printing	- 64 -
3、Label printing	- 64 -
Nine   Kinds of  Polisher	- 64 -
1.   The basic institutions of glazing	- 65 -
2、Classification of water based polishering	- 65 -
3、The purpose of Photo printing equipment	- 67 -
4、 The devices of Photo printing equipment	- 67 -
Section four   Major brand and availability of equipment in Chinese market	- 69 -
One,    Brand quantity	- 69 -
1、Heidelberg	- 69 -
2、Manroland	- 69 -
3、  KBA	- 70 -
4、  Komori	- 71 -
5、  Akiyama	- 71 -
6、  Mitsubishi	- 71 -
7、  Sakurai	- 71 -
Two,    Comsuming demand for  water based varnish	- 72 -
Section  Five    Packaging market in detail	- 74 -
One   Profile over pachaging and printing	- 74 -
Two Packaging industry development trend of the next decade	- 75 -
Three Packaging printing market trends	- 79 -
Section  Six   Commercial printing market.	- 80 -
One  Commercial Printing Market Situation	- 80 -
1.  Heidelberg:  Subdivision tailored to the market	- 83 -
2. Man Roland  thick paper printing experts	- 84 -
3.  KBALarge Format Offset lead the tide	- 85 -
4、KomoriPioneers  GATFwiiner	- 86 -
5.  BeirenOffset flagship domestic equipment	- 86 -
Two   Commercial Printing growth trend	- 87 -
Chapter THREE   The Manufacturers in Dispersed Varnish	- 89 -
1,Guangdong Taiyang Chemical (Jiangmen) Co., Ltd	- 89 -
2、 Jiangsu Selike Printing Ink (Nanjing) Co., Ltd	- 91 -
3、Akzo Nobel Printing Ink (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd	- 93 -
4、 Shanghai Vegra Printing Materials & Supples Co., Ltd	- 95 -
5. Fujian Hongyang Group	- 98 -
6.  Shenzhan Hai Zhong Hui Ink Co., Ltd	- 101 -
7.  Shenzhen Meilihua Ink & Coating Co., Ltd.	- 102 -
8.Tianjin Toyo Ink Co., Ltd	- 105 -
9.   Zhejiang Huahang Printing Chemical Co., Ltd	- 107 -
10. Zhejiang Yongzai Chemical Co., Ltd	- 110 -
11.  Shanghai DIC Printing Ink Co., Ltd	- 112 -
12.  Xiamen Greenstrong Chemical Co., Ltd	- 113 -
13. Ruishan Co., Ltd  ( the company is focused on PVC not water based varnish and ink) - 114 -
14.  Wuhan Saidi High-Tech Research Development Co.,Ltd	- 115 -
15. Changxing Chemical(Kunshan) Co., Ltd	- 116 -
Chapter FOUR  The Profile of Customer for Water Based Varnish- 118 -
1、Shanghai Zidan Printing Co., Ltd	- 118 -
2、Hong Kong Hongxing Printing Group	- 119 -
3.  Shanghai Ziiang Color Co., Ltd	- 121 -
4.   Zhejiang Xinya Investment Group	- 122 -
5.  Shenzhen Jiaxin Group	- 124 -
6.  Shanghai Lifengyagao Printing Co., Ltd	- 126 -
7.  China Joint Business Printing (Guangdong) Ltd.	- 127 -
8.  Beijing Baodao Packaging Printing Lid	- 129 -
9.   Zhangjiagang Jinma Print Co., Ltd	- 130 -
10. Shanghai Zhonghua Pringting Co., Ltd	- 132 -
11. Shanghai Tobacco Industry Printing House	- 133 -
12. Beijing Ribang Print Co., Ltd	- 134 -
13. IDEAL Packaging Corporation	- 135 -
Table 1 Ink overall market size for 2005-2009 Total	- 13 -
Table 2 Ink 2005-2009, the overall size of the market (value)	- 13 -
Table 3 Ink low-end market in 2006 China Market in detail	- 13 -
Table 4 2008 China Ink market	- 14 -
Table 5  2009 China Ink polishing machinery market.	- 14 -
Table 6 2007-2010 Ink consumption, the overall market forecast	- 15 -
Table 7 Ink use of the domestic market in 2008 distribution	- 16 -
Table 8 Regional distribution of the current and future development trends	- 16 -
Table 9 2005-2009, the domestic market Printing Ink regional distribution market trends - 16 -
Table 10 Unit : 100 million yuan constitutes printing output	- 22 -
Table 11 Printing equipment posed output Unitbillion RMB	- 23 -
Table 12 Market share of domestic industry to adopt Flexography	- 23 -
Table 13 China Ink in 2008 using segments of the market in different sectors	- 25 -
Table 14 2006 China Ink printing forms in different segments of the market	- 31 -
Table 15 A list of vendors installed capacity	- 37 -
Table 16 Flexo printing volume distribution	- 40 -
Table 17 2009 China Ink market.	- 55 -
Table 18 Printing equipment posed output  Unit billion RMB	- 58 -
Table 19 Comparative analysis of three printing	- 59 -
Table 20 The trend of dispersed varnish between 2002 and 2008	- 71 -

Section one Summary

One Features and classification

Water based varnish includes main agents, solvent and adjuvant agents, which are colourless, flavourless, very transparent, nontoxic, no volatile organic compounds emitting, low cost and many sources, these features are that other solvent varnishes can not compare with. Plus, if add some main and adjuvant agents, it will become more polishing.

According to purposes of Water based varnish, it has high, normal and semi-gloss. In aspect of processing craftwork, there are ink glazing, pelton glazing (using common water of offset printer and ink), specialized glazing machine and in-line varnishing. People can avoid harmness and environmental pollution during processing water based varnish, to which has been already paid attention by food, tobacco and printing enterprises.

Main solvent of water based varnish is water, it has almost no emission, and its leveling performance is very good; however, there are some weaknesses, such as slow drying and unstable size. Thus, there need to add appropriate ethanol to improve drying and processing.

Volume of fabric printing: printing machine is using 2 to 5g/m2.
Glazing machine is using 4 to 8g/m2.
Hot iron performance: 4 to 8g/m2.

Two Analysis on performance of water based varnish products.

Water based varnish is a new environmental printing material, but it has no advantage in competition with other same kinds of solvent based varnish in long time, because it is a new product. China should strengthen relavent law making and executing; strictly control VOC emission via enhancing safety examination of printing products; and limit the using of solvent based varnish to protect environment and health of operators. In terms of technology, water based varnish will replace solvent based varnish sooner or later; but solvent based varnish has long history in producing, mature technology, low cost, and pringting enterprises donot want to change to use other kinds of varnish, as well as lagging of relavent law, so that solvent based varnish will still exist for a while. UV based varnish belongs to the same kind of environmental protection material, there are many features in technology, thus water based varnish can not replace of UV, and it will continue to develop. Water based varnish is just under beginning and developing period, its technology is developing very fast.

Meanwhile, water based varnish is tending to be localized; its cost is lowering down; and market competitivity is increasing. In the future, water based varnish must be key product in printing market as a environmental protection materal. Besides, consumption of varnish is increasing to 15% to 50% annually.

1. Features of water based polisher

Water based varnish has features of colourless, smellless, no volatile organic compounds emitting, low cost, many sources, good polish, folding-proof, wear-proof, chemical medicine-proof and economy and sanitariness.
According to purposes of Water based varnish, it has high, normal and semi-gloss. In aspect of processing craftwork, there are ink glazing, pelton glazing (using common water of offset printer and ink), specialized glazing machine and in-line varnishing. People can avoid harmness and environmental pollution during processing water based varnish, to which has been already paid attention by food, tobacco and printing enterprises.

Water based varnish is more convenient when using in the gravure machine, it is very important to control viscosity of water based varnish, depth of anilox roller and temperature of oven. According to experience, generally viscosity of water based varnish is controlled to be around 15 seconds ( 20≧); depth of anilox roller is 20um 200L/in; temperature of oven is 120≧ 100Kw〜2 to polish under 150m/min, volume of fabric printing is 5g/m2; it is dry when polishing, and can directly iron and model-cutting. Water based varnish is different from other kinds of varnish when using on the offset-printing machine. Solvent based varnish can use existed printing machines and inks with PS. But the weaknesses of this polishing are that brightness is not enough; not strong enough; easily fading; and can not wet-on-wet polishing, especially when full version printing. Offset-line coating application methods alone on the water polishing it with the original Offset Group oily imprint on just different. It uses the Gravure Ink carrier principle, Mexico and scraping knives through metal roller transfer Resin Varnish or purchased in Blanket, After the coating material to the printer on. Under normal circumstances, Varnish viscosity of 20 seconds (20 < C measurement) Metal sculptures -- a depth of 23 μg roller m,150l/in, coating capacity of 5g/m2. temperature of 65 < C, infra-red power of 5.4Kw 〜 5 〜 2 support group, the total power 54Kw% 13000 per hour speed of the machine operates, instant dry, dusting, and hot foil stamping immediately, die. However, special attention should be paid to the plane is even in the wet on wet conditions, the ink may not fully dry. need about four hours before drying and hot foil stamping.

As mentioned above, the water Varnish is technologically advanced, easy to use, economical, practical, non-toxic pollution and other advantages, have broad prospects for development, and will gradually replace oily solvent Varnish. dominant position in the printing industry.

2 、 Ink composition

Ink mainly by the main agent, solvent, auxiliary three major components

a. Main agent. Ink-forming resin is the main agent, the Polish film material, usually synthetic resin. It affects the physical properties of a deeper level and support the polishing and coating quality, such as gloss, adhesion, dry;

b. Auxiliaries. Water additives to improve performance and processing characteristics of the physical and chemical polishing agent. Promoter : the type of curing agent. Water main agent to improve the film, increased film inward strength; Surfactant. Lowering the surface tension of water solvent, to improve flow level; Defoamer. Polish long-term control of the foaming agent can eliminate fish, such as pinhole quality defects; Desiccant. The drying rate increase water polishing agent, an improved printing paper; Help viscosity. Substrate material and improve film adhesion; Wetting and dispersion agent. Host improve the dispersion to prevent tainted dirt and wear; Folding can improve the performance of other additives such as plasticizers;

c. Solvent. Dispersed or dissolved in the solvent is the main role of synthetic resin and additives. Ink solvent is water. Volatile water to nearly zero, a very good flow properties of peace. However, water is used as the solvent Ink also has shortcomings, such as slow drying, easily lead to instability and other technology products fault size.

3 、 Ink application

As the market economy, rapid and steady development of the commodity economy, food packaging of books, magazine covers, calendars, photographs, PCS, tastefully printed packets of increasing importance, not only in the exquisite color screen printing requirements. but with the magnificent surface gloss, gloss paint Varnish is printed on the material produced by the special effects. Varnish in print on coated products can not only increase the value of printing, but also can increase the performance of optical-resistant ink. Ink increase heat, moisture-proof ability to protect the imprinted products to improve printing performance. printing to generate considerable economic benefits.

Coated Polish market is a diverse market, food printing, publications printing, commercial printers. Property printing and folding carton packaging for a variety of printing products have varying degrees of polishing needs. Ink should be applied according to different polishing method, the type of paper, product quality and other factors considered. can be achieved good results.

With the development of society, mankind has been to raise awareness of the need to protect the environment for the printing industry. been a gradual increase in the number of health, environmental protection, labor protection and other aspects of the requirements and limitations. especially for food packaging printing requirements more stringent, the only way to meet international health standards. Therefore, the development and application of clean, pollution-free "green" materials is unavoidable. Ink have the non-toxic, tasteless, high gloss, and other convenient features. In recent years the area has been widely used in packaging and printing, and the achievement of a rising trend.

13. IDEAL Packaging Corporation

The main research-ink users

Name of company

IDEAL Packaging Corporation


No. 70 #B, Heping New City, Dongcheng District

Way of contact


Contact person

Mr. Ruan


Principle of procurement

Combined machine with polisher and printer



1 UV seen oiling machines from Taiwan Wanchu and 1 oiling machine from Foucque


7 machines Roland printing presses 702, 705 Roland printing two-color Heidelberg Roland printing machine

Major printing products

The production of various kinds of Export Packaging, cigarettes Label Printing, prints carton boxes, aluminum vacuum packaging materials and stationery products such as gift

Major customers

Red Eagle, Kunming, Xihu beer

The profile on procurement of dispersed varnish

Annual Usage

7 tons


high luster


Toyo printing ink


23-35Yuan/ Kg

Basic procurement demand for water based varnish

high luster, green and food-oriented oil

Current comment on products, suppliers and manufactureed

The current domestic suppliers to do the best to do the environmental Varnish

The possibility and condition of changing in supliers

Quality problems, new product development

Working style (off-line or on-line, discription in percentage)

off-line printing %

on-line printing 80%


Two layers

Single layer





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