The website Initiated by Asia Consulting Alliance Beijing Co., Ltd., The website is founded under the partnership of ACA, Asher Strategies and Suzhou Enterprise Management Research Institute, China . Asia Consulting Alliance is one of the major research institutes specializing in the industry research, M&A and consulting for domestic industries. Suzhou Enterprise Management Research Institute, which has been engaged in the in-depth study on the management philosophy of China and Asia at large, is one of the most professional research institutes in this field in China . ACA has also established strategic partnerships with various well-known domestic/overseas organizations, experts and professionals.
 The management of the Company has attained experience in both domestic and international operations. ACA serve as a bridge integrating the eastern and western business.
  The website is committed to the industry research and M&A of the domestic industries, as well as R&D and consulting of the eastern and western business . We aim to strengthen the economic cooperation between enterprises from eastern and western countries, as a bridge for business and culture between the two. Moreover, we have a pool of talents versed in the eastern and western business and cultures thoughts. As such, we are able to undertake the consulting and outsourcing services for foreign enterprises in China .
 Our major fields of involvement include finance, real estate, auto parts and information technology.
 We sincerely wish to build up the partnership with foreign enterprises and research institutes.

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